The Surrogacy review and rating: Is the Netflix show worth watching?

Recently on Netflix new drama series has been released and the fans are looking for reviews for it. Everyone like to know about the show before they watch it if it’s worth watching or not and for that they go through the internet to know more about it. So, for our readers, we have brought the information about the new drama The Surrogacy as the public is going through the internet to know about the show. Keep reading through the article to know more.

the surrogacy netflix

The Surrogacy review and rating

On June 14, 2023, The Surrogacy, also known as Madre de alquiler, a brand-new and intricately knit Mexican drama series, debuted exclusively on Netflix. The series, which deals with some serious subjects including parenthood, social injustice, deception, and the search for the truth, was written and created by Araceli Guajardo. The Surrogacy, a 24-episode Netflix series, with the following official synopsis: “When a woman is coerced into surrogacy to save her father, she becomes entangled with an affluent family who will protect their reputation at all costs.” The audience has been eager to find out how the new series has fared ever since it was made available on the well-known streaming service.

The Surrogacy tells the tale of a teenage surrogate mother’s inspirational and painful quest to expose the secretive workings of a privileged and unfair upper society. The series grips viewers with its compelling plot and standout performances from the main characters. The Surrogacy gives the spectator a deeply moving and thought-provoking narrative that is immediately compelling. It provides viewers with insight into the complex and sinister side of surrogacy, exposing a number of amazing lies, secrets, and startling disclosures that call into question accepted social mores. The television show is successful in making viewers question their own perceptions.

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the surrogacy netflix

The series sets the bar fairly high right out of the gate with a powerful opening sequence in which the lead character Yeni wakes up in a hospital and learns that the child she has carried as a surrogate mother has a disability. The main character is now prepared for a truly unsettling mission to uncover some dark facts as a result of this stunning revelation.  Araceli Guajardo, the series’ author, has done a remarkable job of crafting the narrative in such a way that it feels authentic, unfiltered, and deeply emotional. Every scene has been expertly written, and the emotional storyline’s undercurrent weight gives spectators a watchable experience.

the surrogacy netflix

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