Tekashi 69 Attackers: Who Are Rafael Medina Jr, Octavious Medina And Anthony Maldonado?

Today we are going to share the news about Tekashi 69 attack in Florida L.A. This news is very shocking. This attack is one of the most dangerous attacks which has ever happened in Florida, L.A. There are three main suspects in this case, Octavious Medina, Anthony Maldonado, and Rafael Medina. This news is going viral on the internet. This attack news is a most top headline of every social media platform. People are very worried about the rapper. People want to know about this whole case. Pkb news has done a lot of research about this case and we are going to share every piece of information about this case. So, Read the whole article.

Tekashi 69

Tekashi 69 Attackers Details

Tekashi 6ix9nine is the rapper who got attacked in the gym. He was taken to the hospital after he got attacked. The video of this attack is going viral on the internet. Tekashi’s injuries were not life-threatening. The three people who attacked the rappers are Rafael Medina, Anthony Maldonado, and Octavious Medina. All of them are arrested on the charge of this attacking the rapper. They attacked and robbed him in the Florida gym sauna. It is unknown whether the attacker belongs to any gang or not.

Tekashi 69

This news is the most controversial news on social media. The accused are under custody. Police are currently investigating this case. Police are hacking every CCTV footage when this attack happened. Gym workers got to know about this attack first then they told the gym manager. Then he was taken to the hospital immediately by ambulance. This incident video went viral on the internet. As we have seen in the video the attackers jumped on the rapper. Rapper has faced many injuries and he was bleeding badly. His family is very worried for him. His family is demanding justice for their son.

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Tekashi 69

Tekashi was attacked in the bathroom of the gym. As we have seen in the video two men kicked and pulled his hair. Fans of Tekashi are really worried for him. They are sending him their best wishes. The attackers got arrested on Thursday, night. Rafael Medina Jr is 43 years old, Octavious Medina is 23 years old, and Anthony Maldonano is 25 years old. People are praying Tekashi. And we wish him a speedy recovery. So this was all about this case. We will provide more information about this case soon till then stay tuned with Pkb news.

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