Why Sunday Times Photos Upside Down In Today’s TOI

Readers of the Times of India had been shocked and thrilled to see that every photo on the front page of the print edition had flipped the wrong way up on December 24. The readers have been pleasantly amazed with the aid of a novel and refreshing collaboration between Colgate Max Fresh, Ogilvy, and Wavemaker. With an idea that promises to make reading the Sunday Times an “Ulta Pulta” experience, the famous toothpaste logo regarded for its refreshing and energizing outcomes has given you a clever one. Continue to know more about this incident.

sunday times photos upside down

Why Sunday Times Photos Upside Down

This photo may additionally motivate you to pause and remember your alternatives when you open the Times of India’s front web page. All headlines and articles have snapshots that have been inverted, giving the impression that there have been printing errors. From the beginning, readers are prodded out of their Sunday morning shut-eye by Ogilvy’s clever invention. It is more thrilling than that, although. A visible narrative that connects the entirety may be discovered whilst you switch the web page. The headline “Neend mein hogaya na ulta-pulta” beneath an image of a man snoozing soundly within the center of a whirring printing press. Go below this to learn more about this incident.

sunday times photos upside down

This clever wordplay is an excellent healthy for Colgate Maxfresh’s project to enliven and awaken. Placing the toothpaste product after the tagline “Neend Bhagao Taazgi Jagao” facilitates boosting the concept that people who pick out to embrace the sudden will enjoy an unexpected burst of freshness. Colgate Maxfresh, with the help of its creative partners, has skillfully grown to become a straightforward print advertisement into an immersive and unforgettable enjoyment in time while drawing attention in an artwork form. Keep reading to get further details related to this case.

As it happened, the paper’s inverted pictures were part of a Colgate advertising and marketing marketing campaign. Times of India provided clarification on X, mentioning that the fact that it became a commercial changed into made very obvious on the first page. The publishing employer stated, “We’ve acquired loads of calls and letters from readers pointing out that some of the photographs on the front web page are upside down. Turning the page will reveal that this is part of an inventive commercial, not a mistake or technical glitch. Stay tuned to our esteemed news website for any further latest news updates and thank you for reading the entire article till the end.

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