Suman Kumari: Bhojpuri Actress Laila Majnu Star Arrested For Forcing Models into Prostitution

Recently the news about Suman Kumari has gone viral over the internet. the public was shocked after they get the news of her arrest was made by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch. The public was going over the internet to know about the arrest and the reason behind it. When her fans of hers get to know the reason behind the arrest they are not able to believe it. The recent attention she was getting can be considered quite shocking. To know more about Suman Kumari and about the arrest, keep reading.

Suman Kumari

Who Is Suman Kumari? Bhojpuri Actress Laila Majnu Star

Suman Kumari is a Bhojpuri actress who has been in a number of entertainment productions in her own language and has a considerable following. The performer was well-known for her acting prowess and cinematic movements, but now that Suman is being detained by the police, netizens are drawing their attention to her.

Suman Kumari

The Mumbai Crime Branch’s SS Branch arrested Suman for allegedly leading a prostitution ring in Mumbai. The duration of her involvement in the prostitution ring is unknown, despite the fact that officials have learned she has lived in Mumbai for the previous six years. According to Lakhmi Gautam, Joint Commissioner of Crime, a raid was carried out based on specific information, and the offender was captured.

Suman Kumari

Suman Kumari Arrested

Information regarding Suman Kumari is missing from the internet. Therefore, it has become difficult for internet users to discover real and accurate information on the Bhojpuri actress. Since Suman Kumari doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, many people are turning to other media outlets to find information that might not even be true. Recently, Suman Kumari’s Wikipedia searches increased as a result of individuals wanting to know more about the Bhojpuri actress after hearing about her detention via social media. The Bhojpuri actress had a private existence and not much data about her are available online.

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Suman Kumari

Suman Yadav, better known by her stage name Suman Kumari Tetu Gopi, is an actress who has starred in a number of Bhojpuri films, such as Beta 10 Numbari, Laila Majnu, Jomestic Box, web series, and Baap Numbari. She has also played the lead in a number of Hindi and Punjabi recordings. Suman Kumari is 24 years old right now. The performer was, roughly speaking, born in 1999. The artist has also appeared in some OTT productions. The police report states that Suman has spent the last six years residing in Mumbai. The officer claims that Kumri has made appearances in songs in a variety of languages, such as Hindi, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri.

Who Is Suman Kumari aka Tattoo Gopi? Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, Photos

In this article, we are going to talk about the most famous Bhojpuri Actress “Suman Kumari”. She is going viral on the internet nowadays. She has become the most controversial person on the internet right now. She is the main topic of every social media platform. People are just searching for her. She has been accused in the case of running $ex racket in Mumbai. Her fans are very shocked after they got to know about this news. Her fans are very angry with her because of this act. Now people on the internet want to know about her and people want to know everything about this case.


So just for you our team has done a lot of hard work on this case and researched a lot on this case. And we have gathered a lot of information about her. We are going to share every single piece of detail about her so that you don’t need to check any other website to check about her. So, Read the whole article and please do not miss any part of this article if you want to know about each and every single piece of detail about this case. So, now we all should dive deep into this article.

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Suman Kumari laila majnu actress Arrested

Suman Kumari is a famous Indian Bhojpuri actress. She is a very popular actress. Suman has been a part of many Bhojpuri movies. She has done many amazing entertainment projects. She has been a part of many hit movies which include Domestic Box, Online Series, Bapp Numbari, Beta 10 Numbari, and many more. She has an immense fan following. She is a very talented actress. She has amazing acting skills. But now she has gained everyone’s attention on the internet. Unfortunately, she is troubled now. She has been troubled by controversy regarding her. As we all know, she has been arrested by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch. This news has given a huge shock to her fans.




As per the source, Her Wikipedia has been removed from every official site. All the sites removed her Wikipedia after she got arrested. Suman has destroyed her career by doing such type of acts. She was running a $ex racket in Mumbai. This is a very shameful act. her fans have started hating her. She lost her all projects after she got arrested. Currently, she is under police custody. Much information will be revealed soon till then stay tuned to PKB news.


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