Stilez Robertson Injury Update Following Glendale Supercross!

Needless to say, Stilez Robertson, Moster Energy Yamaha star was involved in a brutal accident at the AMA Supercross in Glendale. Since then, his followers and well-wishers have been seeking details about Stilez Robertson’s injury update. Finally, we have got some updates on Stilez Robertson’s injury. Recently, the Monster Energy Yamaha star asserted his condition. Thus, we decided to prepare an article to share updates on Stilez Robertson’s injury with his fans. In the following sections of this column, we have talked about all the imperative aspects of Stilez Robertson’s injury news. You should follow this news article till the end. Be sticky and keep reading this article for more details. Kindly drag down the page.

Stilez Robertson Injury Update

Stilez Robertson Injury Update 2023

Stilez Robertson was involved in a brutal crash at the AMA Supercross in Glendale when he fell and was run over by many riders who were not able to avoid him when he fell at the speedway. While responding to the incident, the Monster Energy Yamaha star said, “Not the night I was expecting. I qualified p7 but felt really good on the bike and was excited about the night show. Got some wheel spin on the 3-in and came up a little short and got off balance and ended up crashing but was fine.” Drag down the page and read more details about his injuries.

Stilez Robertson Injury Update

Further, the Monster Energy Yamaha star said that the next thing he knew that he was getting pile driven by like four bikes. Stilez Robertson said he felt his ankle got really hot as soon as it happened, thus he had gone to get IP and get off the speedway but his ankle just straight had gone out and he had fallen down. Stilez Robertson also gave a shoutout to the first responders who reached out to him and provided all the medics on the spot. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Stilez Robertson Injury Update

The next morning the Monster Energy Yamaha Star Stilez Robertson traveled to Colorado to get the surgery scheduled. Stilez Robertson further said, “Hopefully knock that out and get on the road to recovery.” He also felt sorry and apologized for letting everyone down but it also has been hard on him too. Stilez Robertson said, ” I know at the end of the day it’ll all be worth it. Thanks to the Star Racing team for the support! We will be back” That’s all on the injury update of Stilez Robertson.

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