Stephan Sterns Parents: Prime Suspect In Madeline Soto’s Missing Case Arrested

This is to inform you that the missing case of Madeline Soto has taken a new turn. According to the reports, the boyfriend of the missing girl’s mother has been taken into custody. Yes, you heard it right, Madeline Soto’s mother’s boyfriend Stephan Sterns is held as a prime suspect in the missing case of a 13-year-old Florida girl. Since it was announced that the Kissimmee man has been taken into custody, the news of Madeline Soto has become a topic of the town. Stephan Sterns is the center of attraction as everyone is keen to get details of the charges against him. Who is he and what is his background? Everything that you need to know about the prime suspect of Madeline Soto’s missing case, has been given in the following sections. You are suggested to go through the article till the end and fetch more information about Stephan Sterns. Swipe down the page.

Stephan Sterns
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Who Is Stephan Sterns? Family Ethnicity And Origin

According to the reports, Madeline Soto was reported missing on Monday, February 26, 2024, after she disappeared from her home. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, 13-year-old girl Madeline Soto was last seen at her home on Monday, February 26, 2024. Now it has been a couple of days since Madeline Soto disappeared but her whereabouts remain missing and shrouded in mystery. As some days have passed, concerns over Madeline Soto’s well-being and safety have grown up. But recently, the police arrested the prime suspect in the case.

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The prime suspect in the missing case of Madeline Soto is identified as Stephan Sterns. Reportedly, Stephan Sterns was arrested on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, in connection with the disappearance of Madeline Soto. Speaking of the charges against Stephan Sterns, he is charged with sexual battery and possession of child sexual abuse material. However, the prime suspect has not yet been charged in connection with the disappearance of 13-year-old Madeline Soto but the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says Stephan Sterns is the prime suspect. Continue reading this article for more details.

Stephan Sterns
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The news of Stephan Sterns’s arrest came out after the officers of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were investigating Madeline’s disappearance and they found disturbing images on Stephan Sterns’s phone. As per the police, the disturbing images and videos were sexual and criminal. Suspiciously, Stephan Sterns allegedly tried to delete the phone’s data to remove evidence. According to the police, this criminal activity happened at Madeline Soto’s home located in Kissimmee. Thus, the Kissimmee Police Department also has been notified about the same. Now, the detectives of Kissimmee Police Department will investigate the case alongside the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

On Thursday, the prime suspect, Stephan Sterns who is the boyfriend of Madeline Soto’s mother, was brought in for interrogation. He was taken under arrest and transported to jail. It is believed that Stephan Sterns is held with no bond. Sheriff John Mine said, “Stephan Sterns had an opportunity tonight to come clean with detectives and help lead them to information about Maddie’s disappearance. Her loved ones deserve answers and OCSO and the Kissimmee Police will not stop until we find Maddie.”

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Stephan Sterns
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Speaking of the 13-year-old girl’s disappearance, Madeline who is also known as Maddie was last seen at her Kissimmee home on Monday, February 26, 2024. At the time of disappearance, Maddie was wearing black shorts and a green sweatshirt paired with Crocs shoes. People with any information about Maddie’s disappearance, are requested to call 911, 407-836-4357, or contact Central Florida Crimeline, the St. Cloud Police Department. The status of Madeline Soto is still missing. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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