Was Shooter Andrew Lester Suffering From Mental Illness? Health Update

Shooter Andrew Lester is said to be having a mental illness. Is he going through any illness? People want to know more about him. You will get complete details about Sooter Andrew Lester in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Andrew Lester

Who Is Andrew Lester? 

Andrew Lester is currently in custody. He has been detained for shooting a 16 years old teenager. The victim’s name was Yarl. When Yarl accidentally rang the wrong doorbell he was shot on the spot. The police mentioned that Ralph Yarl was going to pick up his brothers.

Ralph Yarl

As he entered the wrong house and rang the wrong doorbell, he was shot. He was severely injured. He was taken to hospital as the police arrived at the location. According to sources, he surrendered himself on Tuesday afternoon. He has been charged with shooting Ralph. It is said to be a racist attack. Many are also considering his mental health issues.

Ralph Yarl
Ralph Yarl

Was Andrew Lester Suffering Mentally?

He shot a black teenager. No one has officially mentioned his mental illness yet. He was arrested on Monday as he surrendered. He was later put on 24 hours hold. According to law, a person can only be put on hold if he is not charged. As he was already charged but still put on hold. He was released after 2 hours. As they want to get a statement from the victim. He was severely injured and not able to speak at the moment. He was released as the police were not able to ask the victim due to his wounds. On the other hand, his lawyers said that he has given an interview from his hospital bed on Friday. CNN interview details show that it was a murder attempt. Let us have more details about Ralph Yarl.

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Ralph Yarl

What Happened To 16 Years Old Teenagers?

Ralph Yarl was going to pick up his brothers from their house. While going, he entered the wrong house mistakenly and press their doorbell. The man, Andrew Lester, 84 years old, shot him on the spot. He has to pick up his brothers from Northeast 115th Terrace, but mistakenly went to Northeast 115th Street. There was also a witness who mentioned that he entered his vehicle at Lesterway around 9:30 pm. While Lester says that he just laid down when the doorbell rang. He thought that a black guy was trying to enter his house and pulling his exterior door. He was scared that he opened the door and shot him.

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