Selma Blair MS Symptoms: Facing Challenges Due To Multiple Sclerosis, Hiding Up.

Is Selma Blair going through something serious? Selma Blair is said to be hiding her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. What happened to her? You will get complete details about Selma Blair in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Selma Blair MS Symptoms

What Happened To Selma Blair? MS Symptoms

Selma Blair reveals in an interview that she has been hiding her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms so that she can save her career. She says that the sets and work have been exhausting many times. She used to take Benzos and Klonopin but did not abuse them. These medications are used for covering seizures and anxiety disorders. She mentions that she often used to fear that she might get removed due to her poor health. She gets baldness, rashes, vomiting, and sickness during the trailer. She had a fear of being revealed her health condition and was also misdiagnosed by medical practitioners.

Selma Blair MS Symptoms

She mentions that she was feeling worst while she was shooting Hellboy. She has a fever and leukemia. She was also not able to admit alcoholism as the reason. She kept on hiding the symptoms and her health was getting poor and poor. After the shooting was over for Hellboy, she take a pause from the film industry and moved to the television industry. She was led in the US remake of Kath and Kim.

Selma Blair MS Symptoms

After her health started degrading there also, she took a break from the industry. She lost her hair a lot and had low energy levels. She sounds like she regrets her decisions and feels being harsh on herself. She mentions her struggles to overcome those issues. She also mentioned how she used to be over drunk, taking naps on roadsides, speaking doctors’ and professionals’ help, and sleeping. Her mother also said that she has lost her career. The story taught us that one has to always keep their health a priority. Let us conclude the above.

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Selma Blair was hiding her symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. She was facing problems since her shooting on the sets of Hellboy. This was an extremely difficult phase of her life. She was not expecting this and was ignoring the symptoms.

Later, her health started getting worse. She shifted to television but eventually, she ends up leaving the industry as her health was not at all sufficient to work. This was all about Selma Blair’s health update. We will update you with more updates as soon as we get to know you. Stay tuned for more details.

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