Ron Sexton Aka Donnie Baker Family, Wife Name And Married Life

Ron Sexton has passed away. this news has shaken the whole comedian community. He was mostly known for his character Donnie Baker. He passed away at the of 52. Now people are very curious to know about his married life, wife, and family. Donnie Baker is well-known in the United States for his performances on the “Bob & Tom Show,” a widely broadcast radio program.

Donnie Baker Family

Ron Sexton Wife’s Name

The protagonist is a blue-collar, self-styled “ladies’ man” from the made-up town of “Peckerwood, Indiana.” Donnie Baker is recognizable for his unusual voice, which is harsh and full of slang. He frequently tells absurd and amusing tales about his exploits, run-ins with the authorities, and relationships with women. The comedy of the character often centers on his inflated personality, outrageous tales, and peculiar views on life. Donnie is well renowned for sayings like “State Law!” and “I do what I want!” Read the entire article to learn everything there is to know about his family.

Donnie Baker

Ron Sexton aka Donnie Baker passed away some days ago. He took his last breath at the age of 52. He was mostly known for his role in the show, Bob & Tom Show. He played the character of Donnie Baker. Besides that, he has also worked for the broadcast department of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. He was also a radio personality. He was served at Fox Sports Radio. At the time when he was working in Foc Sports radio, he started doing comedy. At this time he got to know about his extreme comedy skills. Now read the next paragraph of this article to know about his family.

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Ron Sexton

Ron Sexton was a married man. He was living a very happy life. His wife’s name is Tracey Horen Sexton. They lived a very happy life till the demise of Ron. This is a very sad moment for his wife. We wish that she gets some power to handle this hard time. His friends said that he was a very private person. He does not used to love sharing anything personal about his life. He was a very low-key nature person. There is not much information available about his marriage life.

He was also not active on social media but his wife Tracye is active on Facebook and she always used to share pictures with her husband Ron. He was a complete family man. He was the father of five children Alex, Aliah, Ila, Abiagail, and Eric. So this was all about the family of Ron Sexton.

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