Fact Check: Robot Wife Of Elon Musk? Truth behind the news explored

In recent news, it was reported that Elon Musk is launching a robot wive. The truth behind the news is being explored. Read the article to know more about the news and follow us around for all the insights. Continue reading for more details. American business magnate Elon Musk is reportedly, launching robot wives and is in the final stages of its development. As per the sources, the 51-year-old individual is expected to launch the new technological innovation in September 2023 and will most likely reach Africa by November 2023. The publication reports that the robot will use batteries to operate, which will last like a menstrual cycle. It will be made so that the battery will last for a month after only three days of charging.


Who Is the Robot Wife Of Elon Musk?

Moreover, if a person wishes to get physically intimate with a robot, it will require a pattern, password, or fingerprint to avoid meddling. However, as of writing the details of the security measures and their implementation are not known. The publication also claimed the price of Elon Musk’s advanced robot to be $3,144. However, that depends on the features and specifications of the gadget.

After the news about Elon Musk’s new Tesla bots went viral, fake pictures of him k**sing a female humanoid started making rounds on the internet. Shared by a Twitter user named @yashashvi10x, the viral image is a collage of two pictures that are clearly different from each other. The first picture shows Elon Musk wearing a white shirt and black pants while holding the fake robot by its waist. The second one shows the Tesla CEO wearing a black T-shirt while planting a k**s on the girl robot’s lips.

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Robot Wife Of Elon Musk

The bots in the AI pictures, on the other hand, don’t look like the real Tesla bots, which are slow and don’t have faces yet. The Tesla bots were first shown on AI Day in 2022, but they were in a more broken-down form. They could barely walk, much less do anything else. Since then, the bots have advanced a lot. Aside from Tesla,  Musk is also the CEO of the social media platform Twitter, and the CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX.

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