Robert Brooks Drugs: Who Is Jaguar Palace And Where Is He Now?

A Man going by the name Jaguar Palace was the head of one of the biggest narcotics investigations the UK has ever seen. The Jaguar Palace operation was described by police as the largest narcotics operation in the East of England’s history. What is known about the man is his name. Robert Brooks, also known as Jaguar Palace, was the mastermind of the vast drug trafficking enterprise that entailed the importation of heroin and cocaine worth about 58 million Euros from Hertfordshire. The operation, known as Jaguar Palace, was carried out under the cover of a 15,000 Euros encrypted phone contract. In the scheme, narcotics were sent beneath consignments of other items from Europe to the UK. When Border Patrol agents stopped a package at a port in France and discovered heroin hidden behind spider traps, detectives were suspicious.

Robert Brooks Drugs

Robert Brooks Drugs

Brooks reportedly oversaw 39 different heroin and cocaine shipments into the UK. A total of 1,835 kilograms of Class A narcotics, valued somewhere between 42 million Euros and 58 million Euros, were estimated to have been delivered by him in his deliveries. In Hunsdon, East Hertfordshire, he conducted his operation in a rented space at Little Samuels Farm. Officers utilized cell site data to demonstrate that Brooks was the person using the code name Jaguar Palace and that Brooks always had his encrypted phone with him everywhere he went.

Robert Brooks

His demise was further sealed by dashcam footage from his car, which Brooks had kept running while retrieving narcotics from the flat. Brooks had no prior offenses and worked as a part-time driving teacher. He had a small boy and was married at the time of his arrest. On the day of his son’s birthday, Brooks made a distressing phone call from the police station following his detention. Brooks concludes the conversation after pretending to be calling from the office by stating, “Alright mate, speak to you later, love you.”

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Who Is Jaguar Palace

Brooks entered a guilty plea to conspiring to circumvent the importation of a Class A drug ban by deception. Additionally, he admitted to having illicit items in his possession between November 2018 and August 2019. In September 2020, Brooks was sentenced to 21 years in prison at St. Albans Crown Court for his offenses. After a Little Samuels Farm property raid, police detained Richard Campbell and Tomasz Wozniak. Campbell, a warehouse employee from Milton Keynes, entered a guilty plea to conspiring to illegally import heroin and cocaine. He received a sentence of 13 years and 6 months in September 2020. Wozniak, a forklift truck driver from MK, admitted to conspiring to provide cocaine and heroin. He served six years, three months in prison. As a courier, Stephen Capp participated in the drug trafficking scheme as well. So this was all about this case. So, Stay tuned to pkb news.

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