Promoter Of Bhatbhateni Min Bahadur Gurung And Sudheer Kumar Arrested

Here is the most surprising news. Both the previous election commissioner Sudheer Kumar Shah and the promoter of BhatBhateni Min Bahadur Gurung have been placed under arrest. In addition to them, 7 additional persons have been detained. This news is currently breaking. They are all detained due to their involvement in the Baluwatar land grab. The most popular subject on social media right now is this news. Now, his supporters are experiencing a major jolt.

former election commissioner

Former Election Commissioner Sudheer Kumar Arrested

They don’t think in the slightest that Sudheer Kumar and Min Bahadur have done anything wrong. Additionally, after hearing this news, online users are equally shocked. However, it is true that Sudheer Kumar Shah and Min Bahadur Gurung have been detained. Some claim that it has been very difficult to process the news since they never anticipated that the two could ever be connected in any negative ways or be connected to any crimes.

Sudheer Kumar Arrested

One of the biggest retail chains in Nepal, Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket and Departmental Store was founded and promoted by Min Bahadur Gurung. There is no information about Min Bahadur Gurung’s particular function or engagement in the firm, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. Since its founding in 1984, Bhat-Bhateni has developed into one of Nepal’s top retail brands, selling a variety of goods such as food, apparel, electronics, home goods, and more. The business runs a number of locations around Nepal, creating jobs and supporting the retail sector there.

The recent shocking news on the internet right now is that the former election commissioner Sudheer Kumar Shah and the promoter of Bhatbhateni Min Bahadur Gurung have been arrested. They both have been accused. The allegations against him claim that they both have a connection with the Baluwatar land grab. We know some people know that they don’t know about the Baluwar land grab. So The infamous episode known as the “Baluwatar land grab” happened in the Nepalese capital city of Kathmandu’s Baluwatar area.

The official house of the Prime Minister would be built in Baluwatar, according to a plan presented by the Nepali government in 2019. The idea was to buy property nearby to build the prime minister’s mansion as well as other government structures. This plan, meanwhile, was met with opposition and dissent. The government was allegedly engaged in a land grab, which is the forcible acquisition of property from people or communities without just compensation or due process, according to the plan’s detractors. They claimed that the government’s actions infringed the rights of the affected landowners and were unlawful. Following such demonstrations and legal battles, people and organizations called for openness, responsibility, and fair recompense for the landowners. Some people alleged that powerful people were profiting from the property purchase at the cost of the people. More details about their arrest will be shared soon on pkb news will then stay updated with us.

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