PHOTOS: Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Top 40

People who are scrounging web articles to learn the names of candidates competing for Miss Universe Philippines 2023 are asked to stop here and read this article till the end. Here we have come up with all the 40 names selected for Miss Universe Philippines 2023 competition. In addition, you will also get to learn some interesting facts about some candidates. Do you know what is the advantage for the winner of Miss Universe Philippines 2023? It also has been explained in the following sections of this article. Kindly drag down the page and read the names of 40 candidates competing for the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2023.

Miss Universe Philippines 2023

Miss Universe Philippines 2023

The names of the candidates for the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 competition were announced on Saturday, Feb 18, 2023. The first noteworthy point in this news is the current Miss Universe Philippines titleholders Pauline Amelinckx and Michelle Dee who won Charity and Tourism titles respectively last year in the competition are also listed in the top 40 candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2023. However, there are a number of well-known faces listed in the list of Miss Universe Philippines 2023. Shift to the next section and read more names listed in the list.

Some other famous names of the competitors for the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2023 are Samantha Panlilio Miss Grand Philippines 2021, Klyza Castro Mutya ng Pilipinas 2019, and Emmanuelle Vera (competing as Emmanuelle Fabienne Camcam) Reinahispanoamericana Filipinas 2021. The limelight was also captivated by Clare Dacanay and Mary Eileen Gonzales as they have become moms to their children. Mothers also have been listed as the top candidates for the first time. One person wrote on Twitter, “Single mom and former Star Magic Talent Eileen Gonzales were very happy when Miss Universe-Philippines allowed single moms like her to participate. Back in 2019, he confessed that he wrote a petition to the MUP about this.” Scroll down the page and read more details.

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As we asked you earlier in this article, do you know what is the advantage for the winner of Miss Universe Philippines, it has been stated that the person who will be crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2023 will succeed the current titleholder and will be advanced to the Miss Universe 2023 pageant competition in El Salvador. While announcing the names of the top 40 candidates for Miss Universe Philippines 2023, the official page of Miss Universe Philippines took to Facebook and wrote presenting the Top 40 phenomenal transformational Filipinas of Miss Universe Philippines 2023. Take a look at the top 40 candidates selected for Miss Universe Philippines 2023:

Pauline Amelinckz

Pauline Amelinckz

Krisnah Marie Gravidez

Krisnah Marie Gravidez

Jannarie Zarzoso

Joemay-an Leo

Jan Mari Bordon

Princess Anne Marcos

Rein Hillary Carrascal

Karen Joyce Olfato

Clariele Dacanay

Samantha Alexandra Panlilio

Breanna Marie Evans

Christine Joyce Salcedo

Louise Joy Gallardo

Kimberly Jane Acob

Vanessa Tse Wing

Lacka Implamado

Hyra Desiree Betito

Mary Angelique Manto

Nikki Justine Breedveld


Vanessa Matzeit


Klyza Castro

Christine juliane Opiaza

Michelle Dee

Airissh Ramos

Evangeline Fuentes

Lesly Joy Sim

Mary Eileen Gonzales

Layla Adriatico

Christiana Afia Yeaboah

Clare Inso

Alexandra Bollier

Shayne Glenmae Maquiran

Emmanuelle Fabienne Camcam

Kali Navea-Huff

Iman Franchesca Cristal

Dianne Padillo

Kimberly Escartin

Diane Mae Refugio

Chloei Darl Gabales

Avery Mariane Suggang

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