Park Seo Joon Concrete Utopia Controversy explained

Here’s why Park Seo Joon is receiving backlash from attendees of the Concrete Utopia screening. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same as we have explained the entire controversy ahead. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Park Seo Joon Concrete Utopia Controversy

Park Seo Joon Concrete Utopia Controversy

Recently, it was reported that Park Seo Joon faced criticism from fans and attendees of Concrete Utopia’s special screening for his behavior. You must read further to know what the controversy was all about. Recently, Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young were spotted at the special screening of their upcoming film, Concrete Utopia on August 6, 2023. Significantly, an incident took place at the screening which went viral all over the internet like wildfire. Moreover, the Itaewon Class actor received criticism for his behavior from the attendees. Read the article further to learn about what happened next. It was speculated that Park Seo Joon faces backlash from the attendees that were present there. Reportedly, three days before the premier of the film Concrete Utopia, on August 6, a special screening for the movie was held in the City of Daegu.


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However, the cast members Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Young, and Lee Do Yoon attended the show and greeted fans and the audience present over there. Especially, the screening was held with a few fans. Unfortunately, the Hwarang star caught up in a controversy that led attendees into expressing their disappointments online. Moreover, as a way of a sweet gesture, a fan prepared a headband that was for Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young since they took on the role of the married couple in the movie. According to the sources, the Strong Girl Bong Soon was seen wearing the Judy headband, and a fan requested to pass the Nick headband to the actor as it was her dream. The moment she passed it to him, he naturally refused as he had sprayed his hair. Whereas, Park Bo understood and held it back.

Following this incident, it went viral which lead netizens to share mixed opinions about the sweet gesture. There were many fans who called it rude and criticized him for not wearing the headband given by the fan. Since a fan service culture is a vital matter in South Korea, the netizens reacted negatively towards the situation. As we talk about their upcoming movie, Concrete Utopia, then it is based on a webtoon written by Kim Soong Nyoong which depicts the story of the city of Seoul hit by a fatal earthquake. Explore more by watching the movie. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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