Pankaj Tripathi Reveals He Can Nap In Middle Of Shot

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Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi Reveals He Can Nap While Shooting

According to Pankaj Tripathi, when he naps during a shot, he pretends to be deeply engrossed in listening to the director. One of the best actors in the business, Pankaj Tripathi, recently shared how he goes about giving a strong performance. He claimed that while filming, he simply eats khichdi. In the Film Companion interview, he also disclosed that he has schooled himself to avoid being detected when he is dozing off and not paying attention by keeping his eyes closed. He has also admitted to taking naps while filming.

Pankaj Tripathi

He remarked, “I can slouch during a shot or nod off while the other actor is delivering his lines. I incorporate that into my acting when I say that the character is listening while closing his eyes. When I say “ya,” it signifies I’m going to bed, but I blend it so the director and audience think I’m listening intently. I’ve developed my neck muscles such that when I go to sleep, I don’t snooze. During the conversation, Pankaj was also questioned about the relationship between acting and food.

“As an actor, you will have trouble correctly hiding the issue whenever needed, until your stomach is fine,” he retorted. I only eat khichdi throughout the shoot because of this. He continued by saying that during the 60 days he spent filming his next movie, Atal, he only consumed the khichdi he had made himself. He claimed he preferred to make it without oil or spices and didn’t order it from outside as he wouldn’t know how it was cooked. He enhances the khichdi with locally sourced vegetables, haldi, and handmade ghee. “The brain and body need to be in sync and to achieve this, the actor needs to have minimal food,” he stated. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

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