Where is Paige Ellis Going After Leaving BNN?

Now there is another reporter who is leaving his respective company. The famous reporter Paige Ellis is now leaving BNN. Yes, this is true. In the past times, we all have seen many reporters leaving their company and now there is another reporter who is doing this. Paige announced her separation from BNN some days ago since then her followers and other people have been curious to learn why Paige Ellis leaving BNN. People are asking this question on Google and browsers to know why she is leaving BNN after working there for many years. So come let us discover the truth and know why she is leaving BNN now.

Paige Ellis

Why is Paige Ellis Leaving BNN?

The departure of Paige Ellis from BNN. And her departure has given a big shock to her fans who used to watch her every single day on BNN. Paige Ellis leaving BNN is big news in the world of media right now as other reporters are really shocked after learning about her departure news. She is a professional journalist who is mostly known for her role as a BNN Bloomberg Bay Street reporter. This is clearly an unexpected decision which has been announced suddenly. This surprising move by her was totally unexpected.

The prominent reporter of BNN Bloomberg, Paige Ellis has now quit BNN. She made a quick decision to leave BNN. After leaving BNN she immediately announced this news on her official Instagram handle. In her announcement, she stated that she has now left BNN. She has made this decision as now she wants to take a new step in her life. She is tired while working there. It was an incredible journey for her to work in BNN. Now she is going to make a new move in her life. Now her dedicated fan base is supporting her in this step of Paige. Scroll down to know her future plans.

Since the announcement of Paige Ellis’s departure people are searching to know where is she going after leaving BNN. So her future plans are totally a mystery. She hasn’t announced where is she going after leaving BNN. It was a very tough decision for her but she has taken it. However, it is confirmed that she is going to continue her journey in business journalism or reporting related to the consulting or public relations field. Soon we are going to see her somewhere else. The personal details of Paige Ellis are not disclosed yet.

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