Oshi no Ko season 2 Release Date Confirmed: Watch Official Trailer Now

Unquestionably one of the standout triumphs of the spring 2023 anime season is Oshi no Ko. A dramatic, full-length pilot episode that finished with one of the greatest twists in anime history helped the show win over fans. Oshi no Ko, however, wasn’t just a one-hit wonder; throughout the course of its 11 episodes, it gave viewers an insightful look into the Japanese entertainment industry as well as unexpectedly in-depth portraits of interesting and endearing individuals. Thankfully, the Oshi no Ko season one ending revealed that season two was coming soon! Here is what we currently know.

Oshi No Ko Season 2 Anime Release Date

Oshi no Ko season 2 Release Date Confirmed

After season one ended, a teaser trailer for Oshi no Ko season two was released. Unfortunately, we didn’t learn the exact date the show would return; we only learned that production had been given the go-ahead. Beyond the fact that Oshi no Ko season one was announced around ten months before it premiered in April 2023, we don’t have many hints as to when B Komachi will make a comeback to television. In Oshi no Ko season two, the majority of the cast is anticipated to return, particularly Aqua and the members of the recently reformed B Komachi.

Oshi No Ko Season 2 Anime

They have the following voice actors: Japanese actors Akane Kurokawa and Manaka Iwami, Miyako Saitô and Lynn, Memcho and Rumi Okubo, Kana Arima and Megumi Han, and Aqua Hoshino and Takeo Otsuka. Even though Oshi no Ko season two isn’t due for a time, there are many hints in the original material about what will happen next. The first season of Oshi no Ko takes viewers through the First Concert Arc and the events of the first 40 chapters of the original manga, or roughly one-third of the plot.

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Oshi No Ko Season 2 Anime trailer

This allows fans of Aqua and B Komachi who only watch anime to read what will happen. We won’t give much away here, though, given how unpredictable Oshi no Ko’s first season was. Season two is likely to feature manga arcs centered around stage adaptations of popular comics, a variety show, and a high-budget film, as well as the thrilling end to Aqua’s father-hunting quest. Oshi no Ko season two’s trailer hasn’t yet been released, but we’ll be sure to update this page as soon as any new material is made available. In the UK, Prime Video subscribers can watch Oshi no Ko season one on HIDIVE. It would be ideal for Oshi no Ko season 2 to conclude on such a dramatic note, but until further details are revealed, all that can be done is guess.

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