One Punch Man Chapter 182: Ending of Saitama Vs Tatsumaki Explained

With the expected release of the next episode of One Punch Man? Fans are highly excited to know about the chapter that has been released on the Internet. Yes, One Punch Man Chapter 182 just made its hit on several official websites and every reader is eagerly waiting to know what actually happened in the last episode. Let us tell you that the last chapter, One Punch Man Chapter 182 was released on Thursday, March 23, 2023. Along with this, fans got to see Tatsumaki listen to Saitama, given how strong he was to her in comparison. Keep reading to know more details here.

One Punch Man Chapter 182

One Punch Man Chapter 182

Here are lots of similarities between him and blast, which Tatsumaki could not ignore. She consequently consented to Saitama’s proposal that the Blizzard group serve Fubuki. In the previous chapter, we have seen the Tatsumaki dragging Saitama back to their official location, during which Speed-o-Sonic Sound attacked them. Don’t know but Tatsumaki took him out instantly, following which they reached their location. At that time, Saitama asked Tatsumaki to go all out while using her esper powers. We also like to share with our readers that this article contains some spoilers for the upcoming episode as well so if you don’t want to read any spoilers, you may move on.

One Punch Man Chapter 182: Spoiler Reads

Unascertained, chapter 182 of One Punch Man, started with the Hero Association discussing the tremors that were happening throughout all of A-city. Forte, who was in the doctor’s office, decided not to deal with the issue if monsters were the source of it as the tremors had grown more stressful.

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One Punch Man Chapter 182

Upon opening the window, he witnessed Saitama slamming into the hospital building. Saitama inquired about Forte’s ailments and recommended that he rest in bed before flying off. Forte chose to postpone his rematch with Saitama for a later date after being horrified by the extent of the destruction outside.

One Punch Man Chapter 182

When the Blizzard team arrived at the scene of the battle, they were astounded at the degree of destruction Tatsumaki’s unleashing her powers had wrought. One of the group members then saw something startling when they peered inside their watch. The fight then comes into focus as Tatsumaki can be seen struggling against Saitama. She was the one who was supposed to test Saitama, but her output limits were determined incorrectly. Many more spoilers are yet to share with our readers. Until stay tuned with us to know more details.

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