Oliver Anthony’s Viral ‘Right-Wing’ Anthem: Billy Bragg Rewrites Lyrics

Do you know who is the most trending person of the current time whose name is currently trending on most social media platforms? So the most trending person of the current time is Oliver Anthony. He is a well-known American singer. He is a rising star in the world of music. He has made his name popular despite tough competition. At this, he is one of the most popular people on the world wide web. A lot of people are gossiping about him because currently he is under controversy. He is viral all over the web. His name is at the top of the browser right now. To know about the whole controversy read this whole article.

Oliver Anthony

Oliver Anthony’s Anthem

Oliver Anthony was born in maybe 1992 or 1993, so because of that right now he may be 29 years old or 30 years old as of 2023. He was born and raised in Farmville, Virginia, United States. His real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford. But he is mostly known by his stage name Oliver Anthoy. He is a rising star who is winning the heart of the audience. He is an American singer and songwriter. Recently in August 2023, he released his single “Rich Men North Of Richmond” solo. This is his debut song which is currently at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. His debut song has become a chartbuster and it is loved by people. People are becoming his fans and a lot of people are praising him for his amazing writing skills and smoothing voice. Continue reading.

Oliver Anthony

It is not known whether Oliver Anthony is married or not. because till now he has not given any interview. He has not shared any information about his personal life. Currently, he is the most viral person online because of his latest debut song. Till now this song has gained 34 million views on YouTube channel. This song is officially released on @radiowv on YouTube. Read the next paragraph to learn about the controversy.

Oliver Anthony

We know that whenever someone gains fame a lot of people feel jealous of that person and start spreading hate again that person. Similar to this case, as we know Oliver Anthony is currently gaining a lot of fame and praise from the public. So some people are spreading hate against him. A lot of people are body shaming him b calling him “Fatphobic” and some people are even calling him “Elitist.” And mainly it is happening because of one line in his debut song. Some people think that he is trying to heart the intention of people. Because of that Oliver has defended himself by saying that his motive was not to hurt anyone’s intention.

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