BBC’s Nick Owen reveals prostate cancer diagnosis

Recently, the renowned male BBC presenter, Nick Owen announced his diagnosis. He said that he is diagnosed with prostate cancer. Nick Owen is widely known for presenting BBC Midlands Today. He left everyone shocked and stumbled when Nick Owen announced that he has undergone surgery and its impact on his life since he underwent it. The BBC presenter also announced his return plan to the network. He said that he plans to return to his job as the broadcaster in autumn. But his followers were left with ample queries regarding his illness. However, we have explained everything that you need to know about Nick Owen’s cancer. Keep reading this article and learn more details. Drag down the page and take a peek below.

Nick Owen Cancer

Nick Owen cancer

BBC presenter Owen has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He also affirmed that he has undergone surgery. He has been absent from the program for the past many days therefore, the broadcaster decided to reveal the reason for his absence. Currently, Nick Owen ages 75. The 75-year-old broadcaster opened up on Monday about his diagnosis and the impact of the condition on his daily life since he got to know about prostate cancer news which he received in April this year. Read what BBC presenter Nick Owen said.

He added, “13 April, a date that will forever be imprinted on my mind. I went to a specialist, he wasn’t too worried because my figures weren’t that high. But he decided I ought to have a scan, and then the scan said there was something dodgy going on, and then he sent me for a biopsy, which he did. And the results of that were the killer.” His doctors told him that the cancer was aggressive and extensive too. He had prostate cancer full-on which needed to be treated very fast. He said, “And that was probably the worst day of my life, or certainly one of them.”

While opening up about his illness the BBC presenter also talked about his wife, he said it was a very grim moment to drive home after that sort of news and ring people, text people, and his phone went crazy for hours on end. “It was a very, very difficult time for me, and indeed for my wife, Vicki, who was by my side all the time through this” Nick Owen is planning to return to television screens in the autumn. Stay tuned.

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