New Joker Illusionist 6 Star is Raid Mode Meta: Fire Force ASTD Showcase

In this article, we are going to share all the details of the Illusionist (Joker). This has been in the talks right now. Many players are very interested to know about Illusionists. So a lot of people don’t know much about this so, Illusionist is a six-star unit that is based on the character Joker from the anime show Fir Force. According to the source, he was the 1% of being contained from the Z-Banner of the Hero Summon. This game is known as one of the best games. We are going to tell you everything about the new update of Illusionist. So read the whole article and o not miss anything.

illusionist astd

New Joker Illusionist 6 Star is Raid Mode Meta

According to the source, in the new update, there are many changes in the Illusionist now. So if we look at that so Now the deployment cost is $500. The game has been upgraded to the 7th level. The total cost is now $43,000 and the tower type is now Ground to Air. Now the enchantment is Dark which has increased the excitement of players. All the updates are really amazing and dynamic, which makes the game perfect for every player. The makers of the game have done great work on the new update.

Joker Illusionist 6 Star is Raid Mode Meta

In the new update, the attack stats are very different from the last version. Now the attack type is AoE(Cone)>AoE(Circle)>AoE(Cone). The damage is now 9,000>2,50,00. The attack rate/SPA is now 5 and the range is now 40>60>>70>40. The Troops are going to sell for half of their cost of deployment plus upgrades. And the units have been categorized in many ways. Units in the card counters category gain an attack boost of +15%. Now the units are Pure Evil, Prodigy, Technological Forces, Antiheroes, and Card Counters. To know about each and every single character you have to look at the next paragraph of this article so continue reading now.

There are a lot of characters in the 7 Stars now. the characters include Alien Boss (Final), Boo (Kid), Borul (SUPA III), Beast Spawner, Eyezen (Final), Falcon (Ascendance), Kogan Adult (BEAST), Devil, Humble Swordman (Awoken), Koro F III, Metal Freeze, Mochi (Awakening), Ombre. Kosuke (SS), Illi Potent (Awaken), Organs (Berseker), Princess Appala, Perfect Insect, Stampede, Star King, True Evil (Full Power), Vegu Blue Evolved, Worl (vigilante), Zaruto (SS), Wrathdioas (King), Ultra Koku & Super 2 Vegu (Final) all these characters really amazing and this charters have make Illusionist more interesting for every single player.

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