Netflix: The Diplomat Season 2 Cast – Meet all cast and crew

Our latest Netflix obsession is easily the latest political thriller, The Diplomat. The eight-part series follows Kate Wyler, that is played by Keri Russell, a newly appointed US diplomat in the UK who is tasked with solving several international crises. There are tonnes of twists, turns, and enough drama to send you dizzy, and with that cliffhanger in mind, fans are already eager for a second season. So, here is everything we know so far. Follow us around to know the insights.

The Diplomat Season 2 Cast 

The Diplomat Season 2 Netflix Series

The answer to the question of the season being on-air anytime soon is not yet known. The show began streaming on April 21, which means it is too early for Netflix to have announced whether or not a second season has been commissioned. It is likely that streaming figures will play into this decision, although the fact that Season 1 ended in a way that clearly sets up future storylines would indicate that everyone involved in making the show is up for returning.

The Diplomat Season 2 Cast

Here’s a full list of the central cast we would currently expect to return for The Diplomat season 2:

  1. T’Nia Miller as Cecilia Dennison
  2. Celia Imrie as Margaret Roylin
  3. Miguel Sandoval as Miguel Ganon
  4. Nana Mensah as Billie Appiah
  5. Michael McKean as President William Rayburn
  6. Ato Essandoh as Stuart Hayford
  7. Rory Kinnear as Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge
  8. Ali Ahn as Eidra Park
  9. David Gyasi as Austin Dennison
  10. Rufus Sewell as Hal Wyler
  11. Keri Russell as Kate Wyler
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The Diplomat Season 2 Cast 

If Netflix renewed the Diplomat, then the entire cast is expected to return, including Keri Russell, Rufus Sewell, Rory Kinnear, David Gyasi, Ali Ahn, Ato Essandoh, Michael McKean, Nana Mensah, Miguel Sandoval, Celia Imrie, and T’nia Miller. We’re in for a long wait, with Spring 2024 looking to be the earliest possible release date, allowing time for Season 2 to be written, filmed, and go into post-production. But depending on who survives the car explosion, we might not get to see all of the cast return. Keeping our fingers crossed! The Diplomat is streaming on Netflix now.

The story will be updated soon. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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