Fact check: Natasha Rizky Selingkuh cheating on Desta Selingkuh, officially suing for divorce

Shocking news came across over the internet which suggests that Natasha Rizki has an affair, whereas Desta deserves to sue for divorce until she cries. Let’s find out if that is true. Read the article for further information and follow us around for all the insights. Continue reading for more details. Currently, the news is grabbing all the highlights as it came from the household of celebrities Desta and Natasha Rizki, who are currently undergoing a divorce process. Until now, there is no clear information regarding the reasons behind their decision to separate. The news about Desta bursting into tears when filing for divorce after catching Natasha Rizki involved in an extramarital affair, has recently become a hot topic of conversation. The information was widely spread through a video uploaded on the Haba Artis YouTube channel with the title. On the cover of the video, you can have a look at the portraits of Desta and Natasha Rizki against the background of the courtroom.

Natasha Rizki

Natasha Rizky Selingkuh cheating on Desta Selingkuh

The information included on the cover of the video stated that Natasha Rizki was caught having an affair, which caused Desta’s heart to be full of disappointment and she decided to file for divorce. By the time this news was published on Thursday, 18 May 2023, the video had been viewed more than 11,000 times, showing the high level of public interest in this event. Desta and Natasha Rizki, previously known as a harmonious couple, are now faced with a legal process that will decide the fate of their marriage.

The public is still looking forward to further information in regard to the reasons behind this divorce, while the two of them chose not to comment to the media. Our page, PKB News conducted a search of the 3-minute-long video that has been widely circulated, revealing that the information provided in the video was not correct. Additionally, the video claimed that the first hearing for this case will be held on May 29 with a meditation agenda.

Natasha Rizki

However, after verifying, our team found that the date was not correct. The first hearing for this case has not been set and the schedule is still in the process of being determined. Finally, in the video, there is no information that can justify the statement that Desta was crying because he officially filed for divorce after finding out that Natasha Rizki was having an affair. Upon further investigation, the team found that there is no evidence or official statement to support this claim.

Natasha Rizki

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