Morgan Wallen Shaved Head, Singer shaves his mullet, see new hairstyle

Recently, people are shocked and stunned after witnessing Morgan Wallen’s new look as he shaved off the signature mullet and mustache. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the valuable insights and fresh updates around PKB News.

Morgan Wallen Shaved Head

Morgan Wallen Shaved Head

Recently, the country star, Morgan Wallen debuted a bald head and upper lip at his Columbus, Ohio show over the weekend. Morgan also spoke about his disking of his long hair, due to which he decided to go short. Never mind taking one day at a time, Morgan Wallen just made two big changes to his appearance. The talented singer surprised his fans with a new look at his Columbus, Ohio show on a Friday night. However, the country star debuted a bald upper lip and head which he covered with a red baseball cap rather than his signature mullet and mustache. During the event, after the two songs into his performance, the singer stopped to clear the air about his new hairdo and look. Reportedly, a fan captured footage clip shared on TikTok, Wallen stopped the show to address the crowd and further said that he shaved off his hair before the crowd gets into any further discussions.

However, this was an announcement that was met with a combination of cheers and boos. Although he has yet to share the bald look on his own social media handles, there are many people who already voiced their thoughts and opinions on this act. One user wrote that Morgan should grow it back and another expressed their sheer disbelief. Reportedly, the employees of the Schott and the Columbus venue where Wallen debuted his new look and where he will take the stage on plunge on Saturday. He also asked the fans who were waiting in a row how they felt regarding the changed appearance of him. However, in the video, the workers called the change the biggest event within the music industry and jokingly surpassed it even after Taylor Swift’s announcement. Prior to taking the stage sans mullet, Wallen postponed his One Night at Time Tour earlier this year due to vocal fold trauma which the National Institute of Health referred to as excessive and improper use of the voice.

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