Modi Government Announces Bonus Ahead Of Diwali: Check Eligibility

Here in this article, we have brought some exciting news for the central govt employees. Whenever the festive season comes everyone gets excited for it. This season is something everyone is looking forward to as they get gifts and bonuses in it. And this year it looks like Modi Govt already announced the bonus. When the public got to know about this they all started to go through the internet in search of the eligibility for it and some other details. So keep reading through the article to know more.

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Modi Government Announces Bonus Ahead Of Diwali

In advance of Diwali, the Narendra Modi-led government announced incentives for paramilitary and Group B non-gazetted rank officials. For 2022–2023, the Finance Ministry has set a cap of 7,000 yen for the calculation of non–pro productivity-linked bonuses for central government personnel. A non-productivity-linked bonus of 30 days’ pay has been given to all non-gazetted employees in Group B and all central government employees in Group C for the accounting year 2022–2023 who are not covered by any productivity-linked bonus program, according to an office memo from the Department of Expenditure under the Finance Ministry.

To be eligible for payment under these orders, an employee must have been employed as of 31.3.2023 and have provided at least six months of continuous service throughout the fiscal year 2022–2023. For a period of continuous service during the year ranging from six months to a full year, qualified employees will be eligible for pro-rata payment, with the eligibility period being measured in terms of the number of service months. The calculation of the Non-PLB quantum will be based on the lowest of the average emoluments or calculation ceiling. The average annual salary will be divided by the average number of days in a month, or 30.4, to determine Non-PLB for one day.

This will then be multiplied by the number of bonus days awarded. For example, if the computation ceiling for monthly earnings is 7,000 and real average earnings are more than 7,000, Non-PLB for thirty days would equal 7,000×30/30.4- 6907.89. Casual workers who have worked in offices with a 6-day workweek for at least 240 days annually for three years or more or 206 days for three years or more will be eligible for this Non-PLB Payment. Rounding up any payments made under these directions to the next rupee. According to the announcement from the Department of Expenditure dated December 16, 2022, the expenditure on this account shall be debitable to the appropriate object head. According to the government, the costs associated with this ad hoc incentive must be covered from the authorized budget allocation of the relevant ministries and departments for the current fiscal year.

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