Who Is Mitchell Callaway Wife? Was Former X-Factor Australia contestant married?

Mitchell Callaway has been charged with the murder of a 9-month-old girl. Is he responsible for her murder? If yes, then what was the cause? People are to know the exact reason behind the incident. Keep reading for more details on our website.

Mitchell Callaway

Who Is Mitchell Callaway?

Mitchell Callaway has been a part of X Factor. It is an entertainment show that has been planned in a way where you need to impress the judges. If you become capable of doing so, you for the X buzzer. He has been accused of killing an infant. He has been charged with the crime. He has participated in X Factor Australia. He is 1986 born. He has been guided by Bassingthwaighte. His journey ended in the 6th week.

His performances have been loved by his fans a lot. He has been appreciated by judges too. He was eliminated in the 6th week. It was a face-off between Johny Ruffo and Mitchell. People want to know more about Mitchell Callaway’s murder charges. Why he has been alleged for murder?

Mitchell Callaway

Mitchell Callaway Murder Charges:

He is been accused of killing a 9-month-old baby girl. She is in Binnaway. It is situated in Coonabarabran, New South Wales. Emergency services were called off after which the newborn was found unconscious. She was taken to Coonabarabran Hospital. She was not able to survive. He has been charged with the murder. Later, he was arrested and appeared at Macksville Local Court. However, he applied for bail which was denied.

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He joined X Factor in 2011. The incident took place in 2018 when he was charged with murder. It was 23rd July 2018 when she was killed. The heartbreaking part is that she was taken to hospital but was not able to be saved. The investigation took place after his arrest. He was not given bail. This was all about the Mitchell Callaway murder case. Let us conclude the above.

Mitchell Callaway


Mitchell Callaway has been accused of killing a 9-month-old baby. Mitchell Callaway has been charged with murder. He killed the girl in 2018 and was charged the same year. He was later, arrested. He applied for bail but was denied. He has recently appeared in court. People are dishearted to know about this. They were not expecting the same from a talented person. The case is going on. We will update you as we get more details about the case. Stay tuned for more information.

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