Who was Zac Barnes’s Brother Liam? Meet Missing Teen Family

There are no words to adequately express the parents of the Barnes brothers’ anguish at losing their sons. Teenager Zac Barnes vanished unexplainably from his native town of Hunter Valley, New South Wales. He was a young man with a zest for the future, and he came from a lovely home with parents who were always there for him and a cute little brother. However, tragedy struck on November 13, 2013, when Zac mysteriously disappeared. His brother passed away suddenly, shocking the entire globe as his family feverishly searched for him. Today’s piece will introduce you to Liam Barnes, Zac Barnes’ brother.

Zac Barnes

Who was Zac Barnes’s Brother Liam?

Zac Barnes, a boy who unexpectedly disappeared from his community on November 13, 2016, had a younger brother named Liam. Four years later, Liam Barnes tragically took his own life, leaving his parents Michael Gudelj and Karen Gudelj devastated. When Liam Barnes killed himself in October 2020, he was 19 years old. When his older brother vanished, the younger Barnes was 15 years old. When Zac Barnes vanished, he was 18 years old. He was last seen in Newcastle, close to Thornton, rushing into a bush after jumping out of a car. Since then, no one has seen or heard from him.

Zac and Liam Barnes were around three years apart in age. They were both known as being lovable larrikins who could charm anyone. Zac’s family is still looking for information about what happened to him, and they are hoping that a coronial inquiry would provide some answers. Liam’s suicide leaves no motive in question. But many people question whether it was related to the disappearance of his older sibling. The parents of Zac Barnes are still looking for him and are determined to find out what happened to him. Tragically, Zac’s younger brother passed away without ever knowing what had happened to him. Liam passed away without realizing his goals and without bidding his loved ones farewell.

In 2020, the parents of the Barnes brothers broke the news of Liam’s passing with broken hearts and utter astonishment. We lost Liam, Zac’s younger brother, to suicide, they wrote. The devastated parents said, “There are no words to express the grief of losing two boys so young, within four years. At the time, Karen Gudelj, the mother of the Barnes brothers, said, “We need answers now more than ever so that we can lay our boys to rest together.” Nearly seven years after Zac Barnes went missing, a date has been set for an inquiry into his disappearance and probable demise as an adolescent in the Hunter.

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