Netflix: Who Are Matthew Hardy’s Parents? Know His Family Origin and Ethnicity

Since Can I Tell You A Secret, a Netflix documentary, released everyone’s attention has shifted to Matthew Hardy. People are eager to learn how Britain’s worst cyberstalker evaded justice for 11 years despite terrorizing many individuals including minors. Meanwhile, Matthew Hardy has become the topic of the town. Catering to the queries of the people about Matthew Hardy, we have come up with this article. This article is primarily focused on Matthew Hardy’s family and parents. In the following sections, you will get to read about his parents and learn where he is right now. Continue reading this article for more details. Swipe down the page.

Matthew Hardy
Matthew Hardy stalker (Source: The Sun)

Who Are Matthew Hardy’s Parents?

Before speaking of Matthew Hardy’s parents and family’s ethnicity, it is pertinent to take a look at the deeds he committed over the years. A report says Matthew Hardy terrorized 63 victims over 11 years, to become the most infamous cyberstalker in the UK. According to the reports, Matthew Hardy began stalking in 2009 when he was studying in school. During his schooling days, Matthew Hardy used to stalk his school friends and mates. How he did do it? It is said that Matthew Hardy used to create fake accounts on social media to befriend his victims. Swipe down the page for more details.

Matthew Hardy
Matthew Hardy’s mother’s name remains unclear as the verified media sources have not given any facts. (Source: The Sun)

In 2011, Matthew Hardy was also arrested for hacking his former schoolmate’s social media account. Nevertheless, Matthew Hardy pleaded guilty to impersonating her at that time. Nowadays, Matthew Hardy’s name is trending on the internet because of a Netflix documentary titled Can I Tell You A Secret which follows the actions of cyberstalker Matthew Hardy used to impersonify and hack other’s social media accounts. The Netflix documentary interviews police officers alongside the victims, involved in the investigation. The school friends of Matthew Hardy are also featured in the documentary.

Matthew Hardy
Abby Furness was one of the victims of Matthew Hardy who messaged’ Abby’s friends and relatives spreading unwanted rumors. (Source: The Sun)

The executive producer of Can I Tell You A Ssecret, Nancy Strang said “Hardy’s long campaign of harassment has had a lasting and profound impact on the women he targeted. I hope their testimonies will shed light on the reality of online stalking and change the conversation about what constitutes harm in a digital age.” The documentary “Can I Tell You A Secret” not only underscores the lack of action that the police took to stop Hardy from offending but also shows the scary level of access that social media gives to people like Hardy, allowing criminals to infiltrate your life.

Matthew Hardy
Matthew Hardy also victimized Lia as he sent thousands of messages to her. (Source: BBC)

Moreover, Can I Tell You A Secret also showcases the aftermath of these attacks. Because of Matthew Hardy’s actions, many victims reported feeling like they missed out on periods of their lives. Some of his victims said that sleeping with weapons under their bed to feel safe. Let’s talk about Matthew Hardy’s family. He was born to his parents in the UK. But his parents have not revealed their identities in the wake of their son’s infamous activities. Where is Matthew Hardy right now? Drag down the page to learn this.

As of now, Matthew Hardy is serving in jail for his deeds. Since the documentary based on his crimes was released, everyone has been seeking details of Matthew Hardy’s family. But the Hardy family has been keeping itself away from the media’s spotlight. Before Matthew Hardy was arrested for cyberstalking, he was living in Northwich, Cheshire. Likewise, Matthew also has not opened up about his personal life. He is serving his time in jail right now. Abby Furness, one of Matthew Hardy’s victims, was stalked by Matthew. He spread rumors about Abby that she was having a fling with her uncle.

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