Martina Levato Parents: Figlio (Son) Acido Attack Coppia (Couple)

Martina Levato’s Wikipedia is the most searched term. People want to know more about the Italian trend. You will get complete details about Martina Levato in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Martina Levato

Who Is Martina Levato? 

Martina Levato is one among the couple who held dangerous acid attacks. She and her partner are called Acid Couple. In 2014, Martina and her boyfriend, Alexander Boettcher were known as Acid Couple. The couple attacked secretly Martina’s ex-boyfriend. The things they have done have changed the lives of many in a bad way. The reason the couple mentioned behind their actions is said to be purifying Martina’s soul. The two victims that have come out have been mentioned as Pietro Barbini who was her schoolmate and Stefano Savi who was mistaken to be someone else. Later, Photographer Giuliano was also said to be the victim. The crimes done by the couple are of high intensity. It is not forgivable. People want to know more about them. Let us have more details about Martina Levato’s Wikipedia. 

Martina Levato

Martina Levato’s Wikipedia Searches: 

Martina Levato is said to be 31 years old. She has been guilty of several acid attacks. She has been arrested already. The investigation has been completed and trials are being performed. She was sentenced to 19.5 years of imprisonment. She was denied permission to leave the jail for any reason. Her lawyer was not able to win this chance for her. This is clear that she will not be allowed to act and follow her passion until she completes her punishment. The crime she was involved in is not a small one. Levato will be punished for sure so that her victims can believe in the truth. They can live their life again.  

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Martina Levato

Martina Levato’s Genitoru and Figlio Details: 

Martina Levato and her boyfriend are responsible for acid attacks on the exs of Martina. They did this to cleanse their relationship. They were moved to such an extent that they sprayed acid on the people who were just flirting with Martina. Martina was pregnant at the time of her arrest. She was in jail when she gave birth to her son. He was taken away from her after he was born. Many believe separating a newborn from his mother is a harsh step. 

We don’t have much information regarding her arrest. As the child was born, her parents were in the news. The controversy was going on about the child’s custody. 

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