Luke Valentine Big Brother Instagram, ‘Big Brother’ Expels Luke Valentine For Using Racial Slur

In recent news, it was reported that Big Brother’s contestant, Luke Valentine has been thrown out for using racial slurs. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the valuable insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Luke Valentine Big Brother Instagram

Luke Valentine Big Brother Instagram

In a recent turn of events, Luke Valentine said that he would be in trouble from now on as he has used a slur for Black people in a conversation on the reality show. Reportedly, Big Brother, which is a long-running reality competition has been kicked off by a contestant for using a racial slur. According to the sources, the contestant has used a slur for Black people this week while chatting with other men in the compound where houseguests are recorded and seen for 24 hours a day as they compete for a large cash prize. In the show, Luke is white and one of the other men in the conversation is Black. However, the incident was broadcasted during the show’s live online feed and was addressed on Thursday’s night episode in which highlights from the feed are being shown as it gives a clear picture of contestants’ reflections on the latest events being held in the house.

Luke Valentine Big Brother Instagram

@lukevalentinebb25 Reportedly, Valentine apologized immediately after the incident to all the three other men in the room and tried to backtrack. Evidently, they were shocked and two of them left the scene during that time. Later, Jared Fields, the one who is Black stayed quiet and calm but responded to Valentine by saying that the slur can make the Whites more uncomfortable than the Blacks. In an interview, which was aired on Thursday’s episode, Feilds claim that his non-reaction, being the only Black male in the house has sparked more rumors. He added that he doesn’t associate ignorance with malice. Reportedly, on an Instagram handle that is followed by verified accounts of other ‘Big Brother’ contestants, Valentine posted an apology in terms of his story along with a photo of himself and a prayer hands emoji.

It is believed that Black contestants have struggled to advance on Big Brother as they often got voted out early. The show’s first Black winner, Xavier Prather was not crowned until Season 23. Moreover, the next season featured the show’s first Black female winner, Taylor Hale.

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