Is Lucas Dobre In Jail? Arrest and charge details explored

Various speculations arise that Lucas Dobre is currently in jail. Here’s the cause of arrest and charges against him. You are required to read the complete article and continue reading for more details. Follow us around for all the insights. The news of Lucas Dobre being in jail has got viral after his recent YouTube video. Let’s find out the facts and cause of his arrest news. Lucas Dobre is a popular American YouTuber who is famous for collectively making videos with his twin brother, Marcus Dobre. Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre are one of the personalities whose fame skyrocketed on the now-defunct video app Vine. Similarly, Lucas and Marcus are part of the Dobre Brothers and were joined by their older brothers, Cyrus and Darius. Lucas and Marcus’s YouTube channel has over 31 million subscribers, and people love their fun content.

Lucas Dobre

Is Lucas Dobre In Jail?

The kind of content they make includes challenge videos, experiments, vlogs, dance, videos, pranks, and many other fun things. The Dobre brother created their Vine video dedicated to Lycia Faith and SelfieC in September 2014. In their recent videos which caught much attention, for which people are questioning if Lucas Dobre is arrested. Let’s answer the question of being him in jail. The Dobre twins recently shared a video on their YouTube channel with the title, ‘Picking up my brother in jail’. Furthermore, many people are wondering if Lucas is still in jail. Lucas Dobre is not in jail, as we can see in the video. The YouTube video was shared seventeen hours ago and has already surpassed over 409k views.

The video where they pranked Luca’s girlfriend, close friends, and parents to see their reaction with a fake phone call from Baltimore County Jail has got 677K views and the comment sections are full of their viewer’s comments and opinions. Lucas was seen in a jail uniform, and their fans enjoyed the videos and the reactions given by the people they pranked with. The Dobre twins are back with the new YouTube video, which has created a huge headline on social media as many people are chattering about Lucas Dobre’s arrest and charge. 

For the concern of everyone, Lucas is not arrested, and the video is made for fun. At last of the video, we can see that Lucas pranked his viewers and his twin brother Marcus who was going through an emotional phase at the moment. While talking about the prank video, they prepared fake news where the reporter says Youtuber star Lucas Dobre has been arrested in Washington DC, charged with reckless driving and bail of $10,000.  Therefore, most people thought it was real, and Lucas was arrested and charged for real. Luckily, it was a prank, and people had fun watching Marcus’ reaction, who was worried and melancholic throughout the video.

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