Kwite Youtuber Allegations explained

A famous Youtuber and social media influencer is embroiled in a controversy after he was accused of sexual assault. Here we are talking about Kwite Youtuber. Yes, you heard it right, famous Youtuber Kwite is feeling the heat of criticism and the media’s limelight. He is making headlines everywhere on social media but not for good causes. Since Kwite Youtuber’s name has been involved in a sexual assault controversy, he is being criticized and backlashed by social media consumers. Being a renowned personality, this story easily captivated the attention of the audience and led them to search for what are Kwite Youtuber Allegations. There are a lot of questions are being asked by the netizens. But if you are reading this article, you won’t require to scrounge web articles anymore for the same. In this column, we have discussed this story in detail. Thus, you are requested to stick with this page and must go through the following sections of this article. Drag down the screen.

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Kwite Youtuber Allegations explained

Before discussing Kwite Youtuber’s controversy, let us introduce him to you. He is a content creator on Youtube. His Youtube channel is with his name but it was previously known as The Central Carnage. Kwite creates gaming skits. As of 2023, Kwite has garnered more than 2 million subscribers by just creating gaming skits. He is a young boy whose age is just 22 years. People mainly recognize him by his stage name Kwite but his real identity is Tyler Gadner Wirkz. Reportedly, Tyler Gadner Wirkz joined Youtube in 2012. Now it has been over a decade since he started making gaming skits. Thus, he has a huge fan base out there. Scroll down the page and read more details about him.

Talking about the allegations against Tyler Gadner Wirkz aka Kwite, he is accused of sexual assault, deadnaming, emotional abuse, and gaslighting. A person on Twitter accused him of sexual assault. The accuser is known as @nyasputiin on Twitter. He used his Twitter account to accuse the famous Youtube Kwite. In fact, @nyasputiin also explained how he met Kwite and what he did with him. Kindly read more details in the further sections.

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Tyler Gadner Wirkz is being trolled by the netizens after being accused of emotional abuse and sexual assault by a Twitter user (@nyasoutiin) who claimed that Tyler Gadner Wirkz used transphobic slurs as an insult. If it is true, Kwite is subject to a penalty. According to the Twitter user, Youtuber has reportedly been using AI software to mass unsend direct messages that he sent to the victim. Reportedly, Orion has gathered many more conversation screenshots to make a more legitimate case against him. Scroll down the page and read more details.

On top of that, his mods have been working to silence any mention of the allegations and he himself has been deleting, said a user of Twitter. Another person tweeted, “hey everyone let’s cancer Kwite” to demonstrate against Tyler Gadner Wirkz. How did Tyler Gadner Wirkz aka Kwite meet the accuser or victim? Kindly drag down the page to learn this.

Kwite Youtuber Allegations3

Nyasputiin – Orion explained how they met Kwite through their Twitter bio. Orion explained that he asked Youtuber Kwite to draw art for his channel and he also suggested to Tyler Gadner Wirkz that he use his now well-famous iconic sunglasses and mask look. Further, the two also had a conversation about mental health. Further, Orion said that he met Tyler Gadner Wirkz on multiple occasions. But Kwite did not allow him to take any picture of him. Scroll down the page and read further details.

The accuser said that he is a 23-year-old transgender male. He further added that he told Tyler Gadner Wirkz his dead name only to see him use it in a derogatory manner. As per Orion, Tyler Gadner Wirkz even went as far as calling him a dyke who thinks she is a boy and will never be. Later, the 23-year-old transgender was diagnosed with BPD and autism. Thus, the Twitter user accused Tyler Gadner Wirkz of sexually assaulting him. According to the accused, this incident dates back to February 2018. He also explained that Kwite sexually assaulted him in the back of his car. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Recently, a person on Twitter reacted to this incident by saying listen if we are going to talk about the Kwite situation might as well call him out. Tyler Gadner Wirkz should be held fully accountable, especially after trying to sweep this situation under the rug. Another Twitter user said, “Late but, I’m not sick of hearing of Revie, I know she is innocent and have for a while, but I’m saying that they used an awful example, Revie was accused of erping with a minor (who was 17), Kwite was accused of raping someone for 6 years”

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