Who Is Kristopher Westbrook? TikTok chef arrested on child p*rnography charges

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Kristopher Westbrook

Who Is Kristopher Westbrook?

When the public gets to know about Kristopher Westbrook they all started to go over the internet as recently he has been accused of child pornography charges the public started to go over the internet. He is a local chef who is mostly known for his children’s support and the charity he does for the children but when the public gets to know about his chargers they all are shocked. In some of his videos, he used to refer to himself as someone who likes to cook, and not only that he also said in some of his videos that he cooks for the University of Arkansas. He is very famous because of his cooking videos. keep reading the article to get to know about his chargers.

According to sources, he was arrested in Fayetteville on the Friday night of 18 August. When the public gets to know about this they all are shocked and even his followers on TikTok as he used to support the charity for the kids and has made many videos over the No child hungry. Even in his account bio, he has written a slogan about it. Not just that he also used to donate to the organization for the kids. So, when he was arrested for child abuse and harassment they all are shocked.

This news has been very shocking for the public and the public is looking for more information about him. According to the report, there have been found some of the martial that indicate child abuse and distributing materials. Now he is under the authorities and his bond is going to be $25,000. Some of the public also like to know about his court hearing and that will going to be on Monday, August 21. This kind of news is always fearful as these kinds of things are happing in University but now UA has declared that he is no longer working under them.

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