Kevin Monahan Arrested: Accused Of Fatally Shooting Kaylin Gillis Murder

Kevin Monahan is in the headlines for being arrested. What happened to him? Why he was arrested? You will get complete details about Kevin Monahan’s arrest in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Kevin Monahan Arrested

Why Was Kevin Monahan Arrested?

Kaylin Gillis was a young woman who was shot dead in an incident in Hebron Tower, Saratoga County. According to the county sheriff’s office, she was hanging out with her friends. While they were driving, they turned the wrong way. The homeowner, Kevin, who was afraid, shot her. It is important to take care while providing a gun license. Kevin has been arrested for shooting her. He has been charged with second-degree murder. When they entered he fired two shots at the vehicle.

Later, as they were going back, she was shot by him. They were looking for their friend’s house and entered his property by mistake. He is currently in jail. He will be presented in Washington County court soon. The reason behind his shooting is said to be that he was afraid of burglary. He considered it a theft case. Without knowing about them, he fired on them. Kevin Monahan is said to be arrested. He was living in Upstate, New York. The area where she was shot was not having any signals. They had to reach out of the area to ask for help. People were sending condolences to her family.

Kevin Monahan Arrested

Everyone is going through tough times after she passed away. The incident took place on Saturday night. Her friends mentioned that she was a helping and lovable girl. She was creative and confident. She was having a respected image in the minds of the person who know her. Her family and friends will always remember her in their hearts. Let us conclude the above.

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Kevin Monahan was arrested for killing a girl, Keylin Hilis. She was killed for her entering his property by mistake. She was finding her friend’s house when she entered the wrong path where Kevin start shooting. She was killed by the third bullet as she was going back. Kevin mentions that he shot to save himself from burglary. He did not confirm from them whether she was entered mistakenly or intentionally. Kevin has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. He is taken in custody and will soon be presented in Washington court. This was all about Kevin Monahan’s arrest case. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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