Kenya And Iran Offering Visa Free Travel To Indians: Check New Rules

Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, Vietnam have also lifted visa requirements to attract tourists. On Friday, Iran announced that it is expected to lift visa requirements for travelers from 33 countries, including India, to boost tourism arrivals and attract more visitors from around the world. “The decision is expected to be lifted soon,” said Ezzatollah Zarghami, the Iranian minister for cultural heritage, tourism, and handicrafts, according to the Iranian news agency IRNA. “It follows a similar decision taken by Kenya, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Thailand and Vietnam have also lifted visa requirements.”

Kenya And Iran

Kenya And Iran Offering Visa-Free Travel To Indians

From January 1, 2022, Kenya will no longer require a visa for international visitors. This is expected to boost the country’s vital tourism sector, providing easy travel options for wildlife safaris, and beach holidays. President William Ruto said that “no one from any part of the world will have to worry about applying for a visa to visit Kenya.” In Malaysia, tourists from India and China will now be able to enter the country without a visa for 30 days. This new rule has been imposed from December 1, 2022. Anwar Ibrahim, the Prime Minister, said that the visa waiver was subject to strict security screening. “Initial screenings will be carried out on all tourists and visitors entering Malaysia,” he said. “If there are any criminal records or a risk of terrorism, we will not allow them to enter.”

Visa Free Travel To Indians

Sri Lanka provides visa-free entry to visitors from India as well as six other countries such as China, Russian, Malaysian, Japanese, Indonesian, and Thai. This visa-free entry scheme will continue to apply until 31 March 2024. Thailand has started granting 30 days of visa-free entry from November 1 to visitors from both India and Taiwan. The scheme will continue until 10 May 2024. Vietnam announced earlier this year that it is considering issuing visa-free entries to Indians and Chinese to boost tourism. Currently, visa-free access is available to citizens of some European countries, while others can get e-visas valid for 90 days and have multiple entry options.

This is the government’s plan to use the recently launched digital platform to speed up the admission process. Kenya’s economy is largely dependent on tourism, and the country is renowned for its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture. By removing the visa requirement, the government aims to attract more foreign tourists. Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia have recently announced visa-free entry for Indians. According to Henley and Partners’ latest Passport Index for 2023, Indian passport holders are now able to travel to 57 countries without visa hassle. Stay connected for not to miss any latest updates on this news.

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