Karen Pillay Eskom News, head of security suspended

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Karen Pillay Eskom Arrested


Karen Pillay Eskom News

Karen Pillay, Eskom’s acting head of security, has been suspended out of caution. This is connected to an R500 million emergency security contract that Fidelity Services was given last year to look into coal theft. Senior Eskom insiders claim that the board put pressure on Eskom to suspend her. According to the sources, she is still being cooperative with the investigation into the contract. Eskom is accused of not using proper procurement procedures. Eskom, however, said that the contract was issued in accordance with its procurement process and National Treasury regulations for urgent service procurement.

Eskom said that management was informed about a potentially significant security risk to its operations and assets when Fidelity was hired. Although the contract’s initial price was R500 million, it ultimately only paid R250 million. In 2004, Pillay left the Special Investigating Unit to work for Eskom. She began her career in law enforcement. The main provider of electricity in South Africa is a government-owned company called Eskom. Almost all of the electricity utilized in the nation is produced and distributed by it. It also produces almost half of the electricity utilized on the continent, making it the biggest electrical producer in the entire of Africa.

The majority of Eskom’s electricity is generated from coal-fired power stations. Additionally, it manages nuclear, hydroelectric (waterpower), gas-fired, and pumped-storage projects. A pumped-storage system works by using power to pump water uphill into a reservoir during times of low demand to effectively store it. The same water is released from the reservoir into a hydroelectric power plant during times of high demand. In 1923, Eskom was established. Electricity Supply Commission was the organization’s initial name before being changed to Eskom in 1987. Eskom was established by the South African government to create and maintain an electricity network. The development of a national power network in the 1960s was one of the turning points in Eskom’s history. The largest power plants in South Africa were constructed in the Transvaal, an area in the northeast with an abundance of coal.

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