Who Is Kahlil Deep? Kitchener Teacher Arrested Over sex assault charges

Last month, a teacher at Kitchener Public School was arrested and charged with sexual assault charges. Just a while ago, we got an update on the same case. According to the updated reports, the Kitchener Public School teacher could face further sexual charges which means there would be more victims. As the number of victims can increase further, it has been a subject of concern how many students became victims. People have set their keen eyes on the court proceeding of the Kitchener Public School teacher. If you are scrounging web articles regarding the same headline, you are at the right place. Here, we have come up with after doing research on this headline and gathering some imperative details about it. This column will leave you not required to scrounge web articles anymore regarding the same. Kindly stick with this page and take a peek below. Drag down the page.

Kahlil Deep Kitchener Teacher Arrested

Who Is Kahlil Deep?

Kitchener teacher was arrested on March 16 and charged with eight counts of sexual assault by Waterloo Regional Police and Family and Children Services following an investigation. But now it is being said that the number of charges can increase. Meanwhile, officials have been worried about further victims. Previously, the Kitchener teacher was charged with 8 counts of sexual assault. What is the name of the Kitchener teacher arrested on sexual assault charges? Take a look at the next section and read the details.

Kahlil Deep: Kitchener Teacher Arrested

The arrested teacher of Kitchener Public School is identified as Kahlil Deep and he is currently 52 years of age. He is arrested in connection to reports of several youths being sexually assaulted. The school in question has not been disclosed but it is known that Kahlil Deep used to work in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Kitchener. The name of the school was not made public to protect the privacy of the students involved in the matter. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Kahlil Deep Kitchener Teacher Arrested

Reportedly, police received reports of past sexual assaults involving a student and a teacher at Kitchener Public School. Now, it is being said that there may be more victims. Waterloo Regional Police announced the arrest of Kahlil Deep through a social media post, “A Wilmot male, 52, has been charged with eight counts of sexual assault and sexual interference in relation to reports of a teacher at a Kitchener senior public school sexually assaulting several youths.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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