Fact Check: Is JG Wardy Arrested? What Did Rapper Do?

The Internet is again showing the arrest news of a famous personality which makes everyone keen to know more about it. Actors are always part of our conversation and whenever any controversial thing comes over we get excited to know it. This time as well, fans and other people are curious to know about it and what crime he has committed. There are many people who think this news to be fake and that is why they want to know the facts of it. Well, you don’t need to go anywhere, we came here to share the information of it. JG Wardy whose real name is Broadus Jamal Daniels.

JG Wardy Arrested

Is JG Wardy Arrested?

By profession, he is a famous rapper who hails from Washington, D.C. Being a rapper it is common for him to be in the news but still every time people show the same kind of interest in it. This time, the controversy related to his arrest news and people want to know what crime he has committed which landed him in jail. According to the news, he is apprehended on drug trafficking and gun charges. If he is found guilty, he potentially faces a minimum conviction of 30 years.

JG Wardy Arrested

This news has now sparked many thoughts and discussions among admirers and followers. He is quite active on social media and loves to do live interaction with her fans which makes watchers recall him showing firearms and even viewing the aftermath of the car accident. It is obvious that this kind of action has drawn criticism, with some labeling him foolish and reckless. Now looking at the arrest news of JG Wardy, then it is true, he has been detained along with 4 men who were sued this morning on federal charges connected to drug trafficking and firearms offenses.

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JG Wardy Arrested

Apart from Broadus Jamal Daniels aka JG Wardy, the other 3 convicted criminals were Andre Alonte Willis, Eugene Tracy Hill, and Diante Arik Wiley. The United States, Attorney Matthew M. Graves shared the information of the charges that were made on all accused. As per the indictment, these 4 individuals reportedly engaged in a long-running conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and marijuana. Wills and Hills were particularly alleged of distributing, possessing with intent to distribute, or conspiring to distribute more than 100 kilograms of marijuana.

JG Wardy Arrested

In further addition to this, the drug trafficking charges, the indictment disclosed that Wiley played an important role in safeguarding the co-conspirators and their drug operations. His fans are quite upset with this news and there are thousands of people who are criticizing him and want strict action against him. Well, to know we need to wait for the next statements shared by the police.

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