Is Putri Ariani Autistic ? Who is the blind singer on AGT?

Putri Ariani is suffering from an illness. This line is currently the most trending line on the internet. It is trending because on the web there is a rumor that Putri is suffering from a mental disease. This rumor is currently heavily searched on the World Wide Web. Since the rumor has gone viral people have started searching for her on the browser. Her fans are really worried for her and are curious to learn if the 17-year-old is suffering from any mental illness. And what illness she is suffering from. To learn the truth read this whole article.

Putri Ariani Autistic

Is Putri Ariani Autistic

Putri Ariani is a famous singer from Indonesia. She is a new singing sensation who has won the audience’s hearts. She is a 17-year-old girl who was born on 31st December 2005. This year she is going to turn 18 years old in December 2023. She was born in Bangkinang, Indonesia. She is an active person on Instagram. She has a verified account and is followed by dozens of people on Instagram. She has a good decent fan following. She is an excellent singer as she shares many singing videos on her official Instagram handle. She is filled with a lot of talent and her attractive charm helps to attract the audience. Putri is a rising star from Indonesia and she is also very famous in other countries too.

Putri Ariani Autistic

Putri Ariani is famous as one of the constants of the world’s most famous reality show, America’s Got Talent (AGT). Her name is making rounds on the internet. Her video from America Got Talent is going viral on social media. Her journey in this show has showcased her extraordinary vocal talent. She has shown her determination and the power of her talent. She has shown her amazing abilities on the ground stage. Scroll down to read the reality of the rumor.

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Is Putri Ariani Autistic

On the web, there is a rumor that Putri Ariani is suffering from a serious mental illness. There is a rumor that she is suffering from autism. According to the reports, there are no reports that she is suffering from this disease. It is not confirmed whether she is diagnosed with any mental disease. And there are no current health updates of Putri Ariani available. And even she has not given any statement regarding this rumor. Maybe it’s just a fake rumor to gain likes and views. So do not believe in this rumor.

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