Is Nathan Fillion Leaving The Rookie? What Happened To Him? Health Update

Fans have been perplexed whether Nathan Fillion is leaving The Rookie or not. Meanwhile, searches for this query have surged significantly. Netizens are taking over the internet and searching for news of Nathan Fillion leaving The Rookie. Now it has spread all over the media. As a result of rumors regarding Nathan Fillion, one more story also has evolved on the internet that is Nathan Fillion has fallen ill. What happened to Nathan Fillion? A lot of queries are being searched by his fans, thus we came up with this article to share what happened to Nathan Fillion and if he is leaving the show or not. So be sticky with this page and must go through the following sections. Drag down the page and read more details.

Nathan Fillion

Is Nathan Fillion Leaving The Rookie?

Before talking about Nathan Fillion’s leaving The Rookie rumors, let’s talk about who he is. He is a famous Canadian-American actor who is acknowledged for acting in Firefly and Serenity. Nathan Fillion is best known for his role as Captain Malcolm Mal Reynolds. In addition, the Canadian-American actor also has starred in the lead role in the crime mystery television series Castle in which he essayed the role of Richard Castle. Furthermore, it won’t be wrong to say, Nathan Fillion is an all-around actor as he has acted in various genres of series and movies. Read More: Who is Caden Glover On American Idol? Meet Girlfriend Olivia Vass Age And Family

Nathan Fillion

Talking about the ongoing discussion about his role in The Rookie, people have been perplexed whether the actor is really leaving the show or not. The answer is No, he is not leaving The Rookie. However, he is on medical leave. Yes, the actor has addressed that he will not appear in The Rookie for some time but it does not mean he is quitting the show. What happened to Nathan Fillion? Scroll down the page and read more details.

Nathan Fillion

The perplexion began when Nathan Fillion took to his Instagram and stated that he has to skip the Portland Fan Expo where he was all set to appear but due to his poor health he could not. Nathan Fillion wrote, ladies and gentlemen of the greater Oregon area. Although I was very much looking forward to seeing you all this weekend, I have fallen ill and will not be able to attend the Convention in Portland. I am crestfallen, I am heartbroken, I am also full of snot and have a fever. Next time! Stay tuned to this website for more details.

Nathan Fillion

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