How Long Did Pat Kenny Do the Late Late Show?

There are many shows who were running for a quite long time and still remain fresh in the hearts of everyone. We have a list of the number of shows which entertained us many years back and their craze still remain constant in the mind and hearts of everyone. “The Late Late Show” is one such television show that has been on the telecast since 1962 and it is one of the longest-running TV shows in the world. Over the years, the show has had several hosts each bringing their own different style to the show. Pat Kenny is one of such most famous hosts of this show.

Pat Kenny Do the Late Late Show

How Long Did Pat Kenny Do the Late Late Show?

Pat Kenny is an Irish telecaster who hosted the show from the year 1999 until 2009. Once again he and his show are in the news and people are talking about it. The Late Late Show is also an Irish show which has entertained the world since 1962 and it has changed many hosts. At the time of his tenure with Pat, he made significant changes to the show and brought in new segments that were famous among watchers. Before Pat, Gay Byrne was the host of the show and he hosted the show for more than 36 years.

After that Pat hold the position of host and became the famous choice among watchers. Pat Kenny host the show for 1 decade. At the time of his tenure, he interviewed several popular guests, including Bill Clinton, Bono, and Tony Blair. In the year 2009, Pat Kenny left the show in order to host his own show on RTE, the national telecaster of Ireland. When his fans get to know about his departure from the show, he gets mixed responses from the side of watchers, some of whom left that he had done a great job as host whereas others felt that it was time to get to watch something new.

Since leaving the Late Late Show, Pet has continued to work as a telecaster, hosting shows on both Newstalk and RTE. In the year 2021, it was declared that the next host of the show would be the lady. Ever since this declaration was shared it gets a good response from the side watchers and people really like the new changes in the show. However, it is still not known who is the new host of the show but it is expected that a declaration will be soon shared in the coming months. The fans are quite excited to watch the new host. As of now, Ryan Tubridy is hosting the show and Pet stated that he has done a great job as host and that he has brought his own different style.

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