Hong Kong Film Awards 2023 Winner: Best Actor, Actress, Supporting, Choreography

The greatest way to appreciate the work of someone is to give them awards. These awards increase their working ability and motivate them to work more and that is why many award ceremonies have been introduced for a long back. Every year many celebrities get awards for their film and as well the team also get appreciation for their work. Every country has its own award ceremony in which they appreciate the work of its entertainment industry. This time as well many celebrities got awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards but one category accumulated a lot of attention and that was a documentary that sparked a lot of controversies and yet managed to bag the award.

Hong Kong Film Awards

Hong Kong Film Awards 2023 Winner List

  • Best Film Award goes to the film titled “To My Nineteen-year-old Self”
  • The Best Actress goes to “Sammi Cheng Sau-man” for the film titled “Lost Love”
  • The Best Actor goes to “Sean Lau Ching-wan” for the film “Detective Vs Sleuths”
  • The Best New Director award goes to “Ho Cheuk-tin” for the film titled “The Sparring Partner”
  • The Best Film Editing: Jojo Shek, Lee Him-ming, and Zhang Zhao for the film “The Sparring Partner”

Now those who have watched the award ceremonies know which category we are talking about but those who don’t know about it and missed watching are surely keen to know who got the award in which category. But before talking about it, we will directly have a look at the controversial documentary. “To My Nineteen-year-old Self” is one of the controversial documentaries which got the best picture at the most reputable film awards in Hong Kong. In the spite of earlier being pulled from cinemas after some interviewees stated they had not consented to any public screenings.

Hong Kong Film Awards

After receiving the award, co-director William Kwok Wai-Lun said at the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards which was held on Sunday, 16th April 2023 that “Remember not to be scared, movie it first, edit it first and screen it first.” He urged the documentary filmmakers of the city to keep going and not to be afraid. It is a very special documentary as it took 10 years to get complete. It is a coming-of-age documentary constructed under the direction of Mabel Cheung Yuen-ting, it traces the lives of 6 girls from the School named Ying Wa Girls over the period of 1 decade.

Hong Kong Film Awards

However, many people have made complaints against this documentary and it has been pulled from cinemas. The school stated it had not sent a representative to attend the awards ceremony as it had decided to withdraw from the event. Now it is time to know which category has been listed in this award ceremony and who won the awards. Scroll down to who won the award in which category.

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