Hokkaido Earthquake Today M6.2: No Tsunami Warning Issued, Japan

In this article, we are going to share some new shocking news with you. This news has given shockwaves on the internet. An earthquake of approx 6.2 magnitudes has shaken the whole of Northern Japan. The hilarious earthquake has affected the Northern island of Hokkaido but the good news is that there are no injuries or damages have been reported yet. This earthquake news is going viral on the internet. This news is currently the most trending topic on every social media platform. Now please read the whole article to know everything about this case. So, let us now dive deep into this article.

Hokkaido Earthquake Today M6.2

Hokkaido Earthquake Today M6.2

This earthquake happened on 11 June 2023, Sunday. Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost main island, experienced a magnitude 6.2 earthquake on Sunday, but no damage or injuries were immediately reported. No tsunami alert was given. There were no reports of issues with the nearby nuclear plants, power supply interruptions, or stalled bullet trains in northern Japan. This news has given a huge shock to the people on the internet. Let’s continue this article now.

Japan Earthquake today

Hokkaido Earthquake

Japan Hokkaido Earthquake

According to the Japanese Meteorological Agency, the earthquake, which occurred at 6:55 p.m. (09:55 GMT), was 140 km (87 miles) deep and affected the southwest region of Hokkaido. According to the agency, it rocked a large portion of the island, including the cities of Chitose and Atsuma. Although Tokyo is located on the largest island in the country, parts of Honshu were also jolted. However, the nation’s capital was unaffected. Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region of extremely active seismic activity spanning the Pacific basin, Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world. A powerful undersea earthquake of magnitude 9.0 struck the nation in March 2011 off its northeastern coast. Scroll down to the next paragraph to know more about this case.

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Japan Earthquake today

The earthquake caused a tsunami that killed or left 18,500 persons missing. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant also led to a significant incident. A devastating earthquake struck northern Japan in March 2022, shaking buildings 275 kilometers (171 miles) distant in Tokyo and knocking out electricity for hundreds of thousands of people, including in the nation’s capital. More than 100 people were hurt, and three people died. A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 occurred in May 2023, damaging structures and injuring more than 20 people. So this was all about this case. We have shared every single piece of detail with you. So, Stay tuned to PKB news for more informative news like this one.

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