Hirakud Dam Gate Unlikely To Open Today

As the public searches for information about the Hirakud Dam online, we will discuss it here. In the Indian state of Odisha, Hirakud Dam is situated across the Mahanadi River, roughly 15 kilometres (9 miles) from Sambalpur. It is the world’s longest earthen dam. The 55 km (34 km) long Hirakud Reservoir is a lake that stretches behind the dam. One of the earliest significant multipurpose river valley projects to be undertaken in India since its independence. On October 12, 2021, Hirakud Reservoir was designated as a Ramsar site. To learn about the most recent dam-related updates, keep reading the article.

Hirakud Dam Gate

Hirakud Dam Gate

The Hirakud dam operators have decided to release the first floodwater into the river Mahanadi on July 23 due to the steadily rising water level at the Hirakud reservoir as a result of good rainfall upstream of the dam. All district administrations downstream of the Hirakud dam, as well as the other departments in those districts, have received notices from the dam authority about the discharge of the floodwater. A notice has also been published for the public data located downstream of the dam. According to the notification, the dam would discharge its first floodwater at 9 a.m. on July 23, raising the distributaries’ water levels as a result.

Additionally, the authorities urged the populace to use caution when entering tributaries. According to the guideline, the water level should be maintained at 605 feet as opposed to the full reservoir level of 630 feet until July 31, according to a Hirakud dam project official. However, the dam’s water level has already risen above the 605-foot threshold. In light of this, it has been decided to let the first flood waters loose on July 23. According to official sources, the Hirakud dam’s water level was 611.75 feet when it was at its full reservoir level of 630 feet at 3 p.m. on Thursday.

The water level in the reservoir is currently at 611.52 feet, even though the dam can hold water up to the 630-foot danger mark. The present outflow has been recorded as 40,000 cusecs, while the intake to the dam has been measured at 1.4 lakh cusecs. However, the reservoir’s water level is rising as a result of the ongoing water input, compelling the dam’s administrators to release the gates in three days. The Mahanadi and its other distributaries’ water levels will both rise once the gates of Hirakud open. The inhabitants downstream have been informed of the scheduled opening of the gates by the dam officials.

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