Herlene Budol Miss Grand: Brother of Rob Gomez, compete in Miss Grand Philippines 2023

Here we are going to give details about Rob Gomez as he was going viral over the internet. Everyone is searching for him and looking for him on the internet. Not just that they all are also searching for his sisters as they are going to take part in Miss Grand Philippines. So, for our readers, we have brought the information about him and also about his sisters in this article. Stay with us to know more about him and his family.

Herlene Budol Miss Grand

Herlene Budol Miss Grand

Ariane Ejercito Tan, Rob Gomez’s younger sister and one of the confirmed contestants for Miss Grand Philippines 2023 received his assurance of his unwavering support. Former actress Kate Gomez, sister of Gary Estrada, is the mother of Rob and Arine. Arine’s participation in Miss Grand Philippines 2023 was problematic because Herlene Budol was one of her formidable opponents. In the afternoon vengeance series Magandang Dilag, which GMA-7 will begin airing on June 26, 2023, Helene plays Rob’s, main lady. Rob was asked about the impending beauty pageant leak of two ladies with names that are similar to each other and who are both dear to him Cabinet Files on Monday night, June 19.

This is a sizable pageant, the actor added. Since learning that Herlene was joining us at work, I have supported her. My younger sister, who is competing in her first pageant, has a lot of potential to win if she sets her mind to it. Tito Arnold Vegafria, the national director of Miss Grand Philippines, stated, “I’m delighted to hear that Arine hit the judges in the Q&A. “Helene said she will go with Arine and watch over my sister at training,” Rob said. Since everyone has years of experience, I advised Arine to enjoy the adventure and learn from everyone. “Looks like they have competition with my little sister!”

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Rob claimed that he had not anticipated that Helene and her sister would compete against one another for the title of Miss Grand Philippines 2023. On July 13, 2023, the Mall of Asia Arena will host the crowning of Miss Grand Philippines 2023. On the set of Magandang Dilag, Helene and Rob became close friends because they were matched and frequently appeared in the same situations. Rob noted during the previous media conference for the drama series they both star in, “It’s not hard to work with Helene.” She made friends. Troops. She is quite laid back. She is always enjoyable to be with. Herlene’s performance in Magandang Dilag was also praised by Rob.

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