Hassan Elamin Parents: Ethnicity And Religion And Siblings

Hassan Elamin is Mona Kattan’s husband. He is a business tycoon based in Dubai. Hassan Elamin also works as a Facultative for Aon Reinsurance Solutions (Middle East, Turkey, and Africa). Hassan completed his education at Bayes Business School. Hassan is a luxury watch aficionado. He loves the craftsmanship of high-quality timepieces. He has a large collection of watches. One of his watches is a white gold Patek Philippe aquanaut 5167 / 300G-010 and the other is a white gold Audemars Piguet double balance wheel. Let’s get to know more about the Dubai-based entrepreneur Hassan Elamin’s ethnicity who has won Mona’s heart by creating their own love story.

Hassan Elamin

Who are Hassan Elamin’s Parents?

Mona Kattan fans are eager to know more about her husband’s life, including his ethnicity. Hassan Elamin is a Dubai-based entrepreneur who does not want to reveal his ethnic background and religious affiliations. Although he has not revealed his ethnicity, it is believed that he is from the Middle East and Arab region. However, the businessman has not confirmed his religion. He may follow Islam. Islam is the official religious faith of the UAE. Most of the people in the UAE follow Islam, but the rich man has not revealed any details about his religious feelings or practices. The majority of people in the UAE celebrate Islam festivals and holidays. Eid Al-Fitr.

Hassan Elamin, a Dubai-based businessman, is very close to his family. In addition to his cute snaps with Mona and his travels, Hassan often posts pictures with his brother Ahmad and sister Sally on his Instagram. The three of them seem very close. Elamin’s siblings are planning to launch their clothing line called Elamins. According to Hassan’s LinkedIn profile, he is a graduate of Bayes Business School, formerly known as Cass, in London, United Kingdom. He also holds an MSc in Insurance and Risk Management from the University of Manchester. Hassan travels with his family a lot, from Lake Como, Italy, to Knightsbridge, London. He certainly doesn’t hold back on sharing his adventures with his family.

Hassan Elamin is an entrepreneur and Dubai-based businessman. He recently tied the knot with Mona Kattan. According to reports, Hassan proposed to Mona on February 22nd, 2022. The couple’s unique wedding day was reportedly planned by Mona’s family-friendly Feng Shui consultant, who is known for being lucky. Hassan and Mona had been dating for at least half a year before they got engaged. Speaking about the romantic proposal, Mona said in an interview, “It was so romantic, which I love. He was being so funny and goofy the whole night. He asked if we wanted to have dinner al fresco and then he asked if we could dance. As we were slowly dancing, he dropped to one knee and I freaked out. “Mona also announced her engagement to Hassan on Instagram in 2021.

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