Breaking News! General Faiz Hameed Arrested With 10 Other Military Officers

The former Pakistan army general Faiz Hameed is in great trouble now. Many people have also claimed that Faiz Hameed has been arrested. There are a number of speculations are being made about Faiz Hameed’s arrest news. People of Pakistan are curiously searching for Faiz Hameed’s arrest news. It is being speculated that retired army general Faiz Hameed might have been arrested on corruption charges. Is it true? Many questions will be responded to in this article. You are asked to stick with this page to learn answers to the questions related to Faiz Hameed’s arrest news. Here we have come up with this article after doing deep research. Kindly scroll down the page and take a look at all the sections.

General Faiz Hameed Arrested

General Faiz Hameed Arrested

Faiz Hameed is a retired Pakistani Army General who had three stars on his uniform. He served in the Pakistani Army as Commander of the XXXI Corps. In addition, he commissioned the Baloch Regiment and served as the 24th Director General of the ISI. Furthermore, Faiz Hameed also served as the 16th GOC Infantry Division Pano Akil during his stint with the Pakistani Army. Most recently, he served in the office of Commander XXXI Corps, he was preceded by Lt. Gen Khalid Zia. Faiz Hameed was born in Latifal, Chakwal. Scroll down the page and read more about Faiz Hameed’s arrest details.

Recently one person wrote on Twitter, “So Faiz Hameed is in deep trouble now and possibly will be arrested soon. Been saying for years that it was him running the show in Punjab while ‘buzdar’ acted as his dummy. His corruption stories if make it to the market will be unprecedented.” Another person posted, SIB has arrested General Faiz Hameed along with 20 other people. People are reacting to Faiz Hameed’s arrest news on social media. But where is the official statement and confirmation regarding Faiz Hameed’s arrest? Is there any official statement from the authority? Read this in the next section.

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As of yet, no authority has confirmed the arrest of retired Army General Faiz Hameed. But still, people are spreading this news. We are still awaiting official confirmation of Faiz Hameed’s arrest. But it seems that authorities are keeping this matter secret. If this news would be proven correct, the possible charge on Faiz Hameed for corruption. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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