Gateshead Flooding 2023: Get Complete Details Related flooding in Gateshead

Not only lethal diseases but natural disasters also affect the world badly. Since 2019, we are constantly suffering from many things which directly or indirectly affect our lives and in fact, many people lost their lives. Since that year, we never heard any good news in fact we are only hearing sad news. Not a single day passes with a wave of peace and this time as well news coming from Gateshead which disturbed the lives of the citizens. According to the reports, a street on the Gateshead side of the Quayside looks like a canal after the pipe crack.

Gateshead Flooding

Gateshead Flooding 2023

After that water could be watched running down Bottle Bank, close to the Hilton hotel, and towards River Beat. This incident has reported on the afternoon of Sunday, 19th February 2023. The water started flowing all the way down to Pipewellgate where the pipe was constructed up under the bridge which is called High-Level Bridge. When the citizen heard this news they start searching to know how much it has affected the area. The report states, Hill Street, which is close to the bridge, was entirely submerged in the heavy flow of the water.

Gateshead Flooding

A pub made a tweet on Twitter that describe the condition in a certain way, Station East which is a pub located on the road, made a post on social media in which they stated that “We are open now but customers need to bring a canoe.” Now you can understand, how much destruction has the flood brought. Due to that, the cops and other emergency departments have closed off closeby roads while Northumbrian Water dealt with the eruption. Citizens in the affected area are understood that there is a scarcity of water due to the pipe burst and they are waiting for the problem to get solved. This incident happened at around 01:00 PM.

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Gateshead Flooding

We tried to make a contact with the water firm and their mouthpiece talked on behalf of the firm. He stated that there was a burst on an 18-inch water main in the area which was recognized as Gateshead Town Centre and after so many struggles, the situation is now under the control. He stated that “At around 01:10 PM, on Sunday afternoon, we get to know that a pipe burst on the 18-inch main in Gateshead Town Centre and the teams of our firm handled the situation very fastly and turned the water off in order to isolate the burst. Fortunately, there was not that much impact on the water supply of the customers in the affected area and all the water supplies are now back on track.”

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