Why was Fousey arrested? YouTuber hospitalized for mental health evaluation after arrest

Social media star and famous YouTube FouseyTube whose real name is Saleh Eraka found himself in legal trouble after calling the police on himself while going live on YouTube with his fans. According to the reports, FouseyTube was arrested during a YouTube livestream. However, he called the police on himself. Kick and YouTube influencer Fousey swatted himself in front of 80,000 live viewers after threats were, that he called the Miami Police Department several times. In fact, he streamed his arrest proceeding live on YouTube while over 80k people had joined his stream. To explore the story and learn more about Fousey’s arrest, keep reading this article. Take a look below and go through it till the end.


Why was Fousey arrested?

The YouTuber and Kick streamer Fousey is a popular personality. When he was going live on YouTube and interacting with his fans, he had a distressing incident. According to the reports, the Kick streamer was having a mental breakdown after a fan made threats to him by calling into his hotel room which left the streamer quite distressed. While in a state of distress, Fousey went on to call the Miami Police. He repeatedly called the Miami Police Department several times. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

Fousey can also heard screaming at the police officer who responded to his call. He says that he had a gun to his head to the 911 operator. Meanwhile, his phone call led to a swatting situation, which ended up being arrested by the Miami Police. Over the time, Fousey has faced multiple bans on Twitch. Likewise, he said while referring to his multiple bans on Twitch, “YouTube, everybody. The internet hates me. It’s now 2023 and I’m 33 years old. Might have signed a multi-million-dollar deal, dog. I’m gonna retire my entire family.” He further went on to say I am on the Miami freeway by the way. Swipe down the page and read more details.

On Tuesday night, he was going live on YouTube. During his live stream on Youtube, he received a call on his hotel room phone on which he received threats. After getting distressed by a threatening phone call he called 911 and said “My life is in danger” at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami. However, his personal security told him to calm down bro when he was sitting on the edge of a bed. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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