Who Is Faheem Aslam? Kashmir University PRO among 3 employees sacked by J&K govt

This is to inform you that the government of Jammu and Kashmir sacked three more employees on Monday, July 17, 2023. Since this news broke out, it has been trending on the internet and leaving people in a frenzy to know who are the three recently suspended officers of the government. Many are also unversed in the fact that the government servants were sacked and what are their deeds. In this article, we have explained everything and mentioned information released by the J&K government. You are asked to stick with this page and go through it till the end. Swipe down the page.

Faheem Aslam Kashmir University

Who Is Faheem Aslam? Kashmir University PRO

With the layoff of the three government servants, the number of govt. servants sacked under Article 311 has surged to 52. Talking about the three sacked government employees, Faheem Aslam, Murawath Hussain Mir, and Arshid Ahmad Thoker are the three government servants who were sacked from their jobs under Article 311. Faheem Aslam was the Public Relations Officer of the University of Kashmir, Murawath Hussain was the Revenue Department Officer, and Arshid Ahmad was the police constable. Continue reading this article and learn more details about their termination.

KNO news agency claimed that the J&K government involved 311 (2) (c) of the Constitution of India to sack the aforementioned three government servants. As mentioned above, the termination of Faheem Aslam, Murawath Hussain, and Arshid Ahmad has increased the number of sacked employees under Article 311 to 52. Do you know what is Article 311? For the unversed people, the Constitution of India’s Article 311 provides for the dismissal of a person working under the Union or State in civil capacities. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir General Administration Department released an official letter to announce the termination of Mr. Faheem Aslam Public Relations Officer PRO in the University of Kashmir, S/o Mohammad Aslam R/o 166 Hazratbal Srinagar in terms of sub-clause C of the proviso to clause 2 of Article 311 of the Constitution of India. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Reportedly, the Lieutenant Governor announced this decision after being satisfied considering the circumstances of the case and facts on the basis of the information available that the activities of PRO in the University of Kashmir are such as to warrant his dismissal from the service. They were terminated from their jobs for allegedly actively working with Pakistani terror outfits, propagating terrorists’ ideology, providing logistics to terrorists, raising terror finances, and furthering the secessionist agenda. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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